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Terraforce: reversible, interlocking retaining blocks
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Terraforce Suppliers and Recommended installers

Terraforce is represented on five continents. Obtain brochures, design manuals, construction manuals and free advice from Terraforce lisensors all over the world. Please note that not all block are available at every factory, please select your closest outlet with the drop down menu to see which blocks are available in that area.

Terraforce offers the services of selected approved retaining wall contractors for professional quotations and installations of retaining blocks. By using these recommended contractors the public has peace of mind that his or her contract will be carried out professionally as recommended by Terraforce, and that the contractor will give a proper guarantee for any come backs that could occur. Please note that type of blocks available will vary from area to area.

Want to produce terraforce blocks?

We are looking for new licensees. Click on the link to find out more on opportunities to produce and market Terraforce product.

Suppliers and Contractors


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