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Terraforce: reversible, interlocking retaining blocks
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Terralite ™

Walls that are over 3 feet (1m) high may require design advice from a professional landscaper or from your municipal inspector. More basic installation instructions

Step 1.
Prepare a level base
Dig a trench 6" (15 cm) deep and 15" (38 cm) wide. Throughly compact the base, and partially fill with granular draining material (e.g. gravel). Compact and finish to a level base ± 3" (7½ cm) below grade.

Step 2.
Install the first course
Place the first row of TERRALITE™ against a stretched levelling line from one end of the wall to the other. Level each block from front to back and then place lightly compacted drainage layer behind the blocks. Half inch crushed rock should be used for filling the blocks ( or fertile soil when plantability is a consideration). Install a drainage pipe behind the blocks where a waterlogged condition occurs.
Step 3.
Install successive courses
Complete the wall row by row, either using stack or half lap bond. Use granular fill to maintain alignment and uniform setback & backfill behind the wall.
Step 4.
Finishing your wall
The top course may be filled with good soil for planting, or with maintenance free crushed rock. Alternatively TERRACAP™ MATCHING WALL CAPS may be used.
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