Paver block storm water channel variations

Paver block storm water channel variations

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  1. Johan says:

    Your eco-paver dimensions are 350 x 350. However, on your website your sketch for storm water channel, medium channel, the dimensions show as 332 x 332 mm. Do the blocks lock into each other so that the effective width is only 332, or is there a error on the sketch. I want to instruct a contractor to use eco-pavers for a stormwater channel, but I need to know the correct dimensions

    • Karin says:

      Hi Johan

      I am assuming that your project is in the Wester Cape. Here we supply two versions, see attached. Wet cast more durable
      and will also cost more. The 332 x 332 mm version is made in Dubai. No idea how the two got mixed-up, but will investigate.

      Please call 083 6581056 if you need more info.

      Holger Rust

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