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  1. Dimitris Sidiropoulos says:

    Do you think that fly ash is a good material for retaining walls?

    • Karin says:

      Fly ash is a residue formed when coal is burned – refineries and coal fired power stations produce tons of this. It can be used as a substitute for up to 25% of the cement when manufacturing cement products and concrete.

      It should be possible to use it for retaining blocks – obviously some research would be necessary to determine the percentage that can be added without compromising the strength of the block. Laboratories like Matrocast and Soillab should be able to do this.

      Some of the factors I considered that would determine the viability of using fly ash are:

      1) The quantity used per month.
      2) The space available and the cost of erecting a silo with a screw conveyer – the same as the Cement silos.
      3) The delivery method of the supplier – it must be pumped from a tanker into the silo.
      4) The quality and consistence of the fly ash

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