Terracrete Mould™

DIY hard lawn pavers: mould box for easy wet-cast grass-pavers

The mould boxes made of U.V. stabilised LLDPE (polyethylene) can be used for the production of wet-cast grass-pavers (hard-lawn). Polyetylene is a durable non-stick plastic and the boxes weigh approx 2kg each and have adequate stiffness to be used on a vibrating table with a semi-wet mix and for immediate demoulding onto plywood pallets or other firm non-stick surface.

The process does thus not require large investments in terms of infrastructure or equipment. It is ideal for start-up operations or for market testing. Between 250 and 400 units can be produced per mould and workday.

Terracrete has been designed for drive-over hard-lawn applications as well as for various erosion control uses. The block can be laid in different attractive patterns. Cost of moulds ± R200.00 or US$ 32.00 or EU 25.00 each – to appointed licensees only.

Proposed mix by volume: 5 parts sand / 5 parts 6mm stone / 3 parts cement.