Mexico – iBlockTech
Available products:  L12 Rock Face, L12 Standard (smooth), L16 Rock Face, L16 Standard (smooth), L18 Standard (smooth), Terralite Rock Face, Multi 4×4 Step Block and Terracrete Hardlawn Paver (machine made)
Contact person: Luis Ibara  
Tel: +1 619 410 8298  
Fax: +1 888 556 9876  
Cell: +1 619 410 8298  
Email: [email protected]  
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4 Responses to Mexico

  1. Caren says:

    I live in San Felipe, BC. Is it possible to get the hillside block in Mexicali, BC?

    Thanks so much, Caren

  2. Sherwin Sanmartin says:

    Hey, I was wondering, Is it possible to get the L12 Standard (smooth) block in Mexico city?
    im realy interested on gtting those blocks

    • Karin says:

      Hi Sherwin

      So sorry, we unfortunately do not. If you know of any precast manufacturer that would be interested in entering into a partnership with us to start with production?



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