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Follow us on FacebookTerraforce Brasil sell direct to market as well as to retailers, the public sector, private sector and other avenues, and is the Brasil licensee for Terraforce.

Terraforce Brasil is proudly presented by Servitech:

Servitech is a ten year family business founded in the year 2009, which had as main objective to offer the market information technology consultancy and agribusiness. In 2012, it remodeled its business model, providing complementary care for real estate pools. In its fifth year, the company underwent a restructuring in its shareholding framework, being fully redesigned to offer high value-added technical services in complex project management for the mining markets, the industry of transformation and real estate.

Tel: +55 31 99239-3815
Email: [email protected] Web: Servitech
Beautifully planted Terraforce retaining wall acting as sound barrier:

We used the rock face block in a sandstone colour, to add to the natural appearance of the wall, thus further enhancing the aesthetic aspect of the barrier.

Terraforce Brasil  supplies the following Terraforce products:

Terraforce Retaining Block L16 Standard (or rock face) ®

Optional vertical interlock allowing for seamless variations of wall inclination (90-35 degrees). Eliminate the use of geogrids in many cases. Convex and concave corners and curves of small radius allow complex designs to suit most site conditions. Cuts evaporation, improves drainage, allows for effective backfill compaction. Plant growth deters graffiti. more

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Contact Terraforce Brasil for inquiries:
  Contact person: Elisa Freitas
  Tel: +5531 99239-3815
  Tel: +5531 3097-0197
  Email: [email protected]
  Web address: Servitech

Contact Terraforce directly here:

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