Brazil – Terraforce Brasil by Servitech
Available products: L16 Rock Face, L16 Standard (smooth)
Contact person: Elisa Freitas / Guilherme Diniz
Tel: +55 31 99239-3815
Email: [email protected]
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2 Responses to Brazil

  1. Luciano Vaz says:

    I just found your products and I am very interested on represent you here in Brazil as a partner.
    I am aware of this kind of prduct and construction and I have an small business for concrete decorative curbing and concrete paver installation.
    I should say that for me it will be an honor to be your representative here in Brazil, we have many applications for your products here.
    I am located at Campinas Region at Sao Paulo state, and this is the richest region of Brazil and we have a lot of business to do here.
    Thank you and best regards from Brazil

    • Karin Johns says:

      Hi Luciano

      I have only seen your comment now, there was a serious error in the notification delivery of this site, so I have not seen many of the comments at all for a long time.

      Please let me know if you are still interested in representing Terraforce in Brazil.


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