Truline Masonry and Landscape Products Ltd.

Truline Masonry and Landscape Products, your hardscape headquarters for the Vancouver Island and Greater Vancouver Area. Canada licensee for Terraforce. Our toll free help line is 1-888-338-7723

Truline can take care of all your landscaping needs with concrete retaining walls, paving stones, patio slabs, edging and other fine products. We also produce a full line of precision masonry block for building construction.

Garden landscaping and terracing with Terraforce retaining blocks:

Garden landscaping and terracing with Terraforce retaining blocks

Truline supplies and installs the following Terraforce products:
L18 standard Terraforce b

Terraforce Retaining Block L13 Standard (or Rock Face) ®

Terraforce blocks lend themselves, among many other applications, to creating beautiful terraced gardens, heavy duty retaining and erosion control, for storm water, river bank and sea shore protection. This is the original shape of Terraforce blocks. It can turn tighter corners due to it’s shorter shape. more

4x4 Multi Step block Terraforce 4×4 Multi Step block ®

Light, versatile concrete unit, generally used for constructing low terrace walls, stairs and seating arrangements. Popular not only for stairway access, but also to provide comfortable, practical stair and seating arrangements at leisure amenities and school sports facilities. more

Terralite Rock Face Block Terralite block Standard (or Rock Face) ® (for light landscaping)

It’s small size means that it goes around sharp or wide convex and concave curves with ease. It also merges seamlessly from a vertical to an inclined wall. It can be used to create steps by reversing the block and changing the texture and it can be used in combination with the 4×4 Multi Step block. The 150mm riser of the 4×4 Multi Step block matches the Terralite height. more

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Contact Truline for inquiries:
  Contact person: Ken Higham
  Tel: +1 250 8717929
  Fax: +1 250 3381929
  Email: [email protected]
  Web address:
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