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Follow us on FacebookTwitter iconTerraforce UK sell direct to market as well as to retailers, the public sector, private sector and other avenues, and is the United Kingdom licensee for Terraforce.

Terraforce is available in the UK and is set to become a much sought after product for the DIY, Commercial and Industrial Markets.  Local businessman, Peter Craven, was aware of the Terraforce range of products, having lived in South Africa for over 20 years and soon saw the potential for this versatile product within the UK.

Tel: +44 1472 451 416 Email: [email protected] Web: www.terraforce.co.uk

Peter, together with his business partner Rebecca Lentz, became the licence holders for the production and sale of Terraforce in England and Wales in 2010.  Terraforce products are manufactured locally in Somerset and sold countrywide.

“Terraforce has so many applications that we are certain that the products will become a valuable addition to both the DIY and civil engineering markets.’

Terraforce Recommended Contractors, UK:

To become a Terraforce recommended contractor please email [email protected]
Ross Campbell Contractors, UK – Cornwall
Contact person: Ross Campbell
Cell: +44 7714 291 886
Email:  [email protected]
Landscaping & Agricultural Services Ltd – Buckinghamshire
Contact person: Scott Morton
Tel: +44 1280 847 677
Cell: +44 7798 674 632
Email: [email protected]
Web: laservices.co.uk
CGP Build UK – Dorset
Contact person: Mark Pitcher
Cell: +44 1258 818 118
Email: [email protected]
Web: cgpbuild.co.uk
Williams Homes (Bala) Ltd – Wales
Contact person: Jon Bond
Tel: +44 1678 521 781
Cell: +44 7788 740 931
Email: [email protected]
Web: williams-homes.co.uk
Snow covered retaining wall in England:

Rock face walls that gently curve along the existing site contours

Terraforce ( UK )  supplies and installs the following Terraforce products:
L18 rock face block

Terraforce Retaining Block L15 Standard (or rock face) ®

Optional vertical interlock allowing for seamless variations of wall inclination (90-35 degrees). Eliminate the use of geogrids in many cases. Convex and concave corners and curves of small radius allow complex designs to suit most site conditions. Cuts evaporation, improves drainage, allows for effective backfill compaction. Plant growth deters graffiti. more

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Contact Terraforce ( UK ) for inquiries:
  Contact person: Rebecca Lentz
  Tel: +44 1472 451 416
  Email: [email protected]
  Web address: www.terraforce.co.uk
Contact Terraforce directly here:

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