Eko Modüler Yapı A.Ş./Ek Eks – no longer Terraforce partner

We are always open to engage with new partners to make and distribute our range of quality products in various parts of the world. Likewise, we believe that no one should be exempt from prevailing norms of ethical business practices and from our own quality standards.

Unfortunately, we are forced to distance ourselves from our previous partners in Turkey, Eko Yapi/Ek Eks. We can no longer allow our brand and reputation to be associated with them.

If you are interested in manufacturing and distributing the quality range of earth retaining and soil erosion control products, under the growing Terraforce banner, with reliable design and marketing back-up and support, please email [email protected]

You should be in possession of the necessary infrastructure and resources and be ready to embrace a sustainably growing business model, described herein:

Our mission:

We are committed to quality, fair pricing and customer satisfaction. We believe in fair competition, truthful representation and honest advertising. To fulfil our customers requirements, we strive to develop our knowledge and skill to the highest level of excellence.

Our business model:

We provide economical and structurally sound solutions in earth retaining and soil erosion control situations. We strive for professionalism and perfection in an open, transparent manner. In our business transactions we undertake to be profitable, maintain growth in a sustainable manner to enhance client satisfaction, at all times.

Our partners:

We offer our co-operative partners an unrestrictive opportunity to achieve some of their aspirations. They are recognised for their efficiency and integrity.

Our clients:

We strive to do honest business with people who appreciate our commitment to innovation and quality, to the mutual benefit of all concerned.

Our community:

We are committed to serve the community in which we operate, in a balanced and responsible manner. We believe that ethically sound business practices are good for the consumer, while free-loading imitators who stifle the initiative to innovate, are not.

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