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Follow us on FacebookYo Limba Bricks and Blocks is dedicated to producing the best quality cement products in Zambia for the construction, landscaping and road safety industries. By Zambians for Zambians.

Cement Products – Bricks, Blocks, Cobbles, Lintel Blocks, Landscaping and Erosion Control Blocks and Road Safety Barriers.

Tel: +260 96 6565537 Email: [email protected] Web: www.yolimbablocks.com

If you are needing premium quality blocks and bricks then Yo Limba can assist you immediately. Yo Limba products are all manufactured using Lafarge’s high quality Supa Set Cement as well a perfect ratio’s of Lafarge aggregate. We go where the need arises. Quality, strength, pricing and service delivery are key to our success and it is our vision to provide improved standards for the construction industry in Zambia.

Terracrete hard lawn pavers for improved storm water absorbtion:

Yo Limba Zambia Terracrete banner

Yo Limba Bricks and Blocks supplies and installs the following Terraforce products:
Terracrete hard lawn paver

Terracrete Hard Lawn Paver ®

Versatile eco-surface hard lawn paving block. The units can be laid in different patterns and may be used with or without ground anchors for the lining of riverbanks and other areas subjects to soil erosion. The paving of grassed roads and parking areas, as well as the stabilising of steep embankments such as bridge abutments, are possible. more
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Contact Terraforce ( UK ) for inquiries:
  Contact person: Alistair McGlashan
  Tel: +260 96 656 5537
  Tel (2):  +260 96 248 9169
  Email: [email protected]
  Web address: www.yolimbablocks.com

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