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Follow us on FacebookFick Cementworks is a Western Cape (Piketberg) licensee for Terraforce.

Terraforce pioneered the reversible hollow interlocking concrete blocks in varying sizes and colours that are unmatched in its versatility, both in application and elevation. The range of plant-supportive blocks are suited to create environmentally friendly domestic or industrial installations and support sustainable development in soil stabilisation. Walls can range from light or heavy gravity walls to composite (earth reinforced with geo-grid) retaining walls.

Tel: +27 22 913 1921 Email: [email protected]  
Rock face Terraforce garden wall
Rock face walls that gently curve along the existing site contours
Fick Cementworks supplies and installs the following Terraforce products:
L 12 Terraforce block Terraforce Retaining Block L12 Standard (or Rock Face) ® 

Reacting to a growing demand by their longstanding customers, Cape Retaining Systems have launched the new cost-effective Terraforce L 12 block. Aimed at the D.I.Y. market, the block is about 11% cheaper than the popular L11 block, lighter and easier to handle with better colour consistency. more

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  Contact person: Anton Fick
  Tel: +27 22 913 1921
  Fax: +27 22 913 2370
  Email: [email protected]
  Web address:
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