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Why Terralite?

Contractors make use of it because of its versatility – its small size means that it goes around sharp or wide convex and concave curves with ease. It also merges seamlessly from a vertical to an inclined wall. It is supplied largely with the rockface finish. It can be used to create steps by reversing the block and changing the texture and it can be used in combination with the Stairblock. The 150mm riser of the 4×4 Stairblock matches the Terralite height.

Terralite retaining block stairway

Terralite retaining block retaining wall

Its applications include light retaining walls, architectural features, terracing and seating, flowerbed surrounds and tree rings. Terralite is setting new standards for low landscaping terraces, stairs and features under 1m in height. Depending on the height and inclination, walls may be installed with or without reinforcing or backfill.

Typical section of a Terralite retaining wall