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Maxiwall is a user-friendly design software capable of calculating conventional gravity retaining and composite retaining walls. Utilising various Terraforce elements, it is capable of performing the necessary calculations based on varying input values, design parameters and statutory requirements and is complete with a printout for submission to local authorities. Rigorous laboratory tests were conducted pertaining to interblock shear resistance, whole block compressive strength and geogrid pull-out resistance.

In the pull-out tests, the primary failure was rupture of the geogrid outside the blocks and performance was found to be above average, based on experience with a large number of systems tested over many years.

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Composite retaining, single skin, with geosynthetic reinforcements
Composite retaining, single skin, with geosynthetic reinforcements

Terraforce has been serving the construction industry for 25 years, providing sustainable and environmentally friendly earth-retaining solutions. Its versatile, reversible concrete retaining blocks have been in production since 1984 and are now available on five continents.

Systems on the market have varying elevations ranging from an open checkerboard appearance to a closed vertical surface structure, and they are generally suitable for plants. Some systems are interlinked while others interlock on the vertical and/or horizontal plane.

All these systems rely largely on interblock friction to derive sliding resistance. However, no amount of interlocking or interlinking will prevent a structure from collapsing when substantial active lateral earth pressure occurs. Under such circumstances, designers have to utilise layers of geosynthetic reinforcement in the backfill to achieve stability.

The grip obtained by clamping geogrid between blocks filled with coarse gravel is virtually unbeatable. A designer choosing a geosynthetic of optimal strength can rely on Maxiwall  to specify the correct spacing and wall angle.