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Maxiwall Pro Terraforce design software

Free, state of the art MSE software, exclusive to Terraforce walls

About Maxiwall Pro DESIGN SOFTWARE

Maxiwall Pro Terraforce design softwareMaxiwall Pro design software allows designers to easily produce complete wall designs utilising the award winning Terraforce® line of Concrete Retaining Wall Block (CRB) wall products. With all block and geogrid information preloaded, designers can select from a wide range of proven Terraforce® systems from easy to navigate drop down menus.


Compared to other MSE design software options, Maxiwall Pro:
• increases design efficiency,
• improves accuracy,
• and promotes a seamless flow of information between design stages and parties.
• It generates full wall design layouts with accurate quantity estimates and comprehensive reports.

This software’s Calculation Engine can simultaneously run Static, Seismic, and Internal Compound Stability (ICS) Analysis in accordance to National Concrete Masonry Association (NCMA), American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO), Standard for Load and Resistance Factor Design (LRFD), AU (Australian Standard), and British Standard Design Methodologies. Read more….


Please note this is not a turnkey solution, it is essential to familiarise yourself with the software by going through the step by step tutorials available here:

Important notice:

Design calculations performed by Maxiwall Pro should be checked and verified by a registered Professional Engineer who is familiar with the site conditions and project materials. The calculations performed by Maxiwall Pro, the Design Software for Segmental Retaining Walls are for PRELIMINARY PURPOSES ONLY.

Rigorous laboratory tests were conducted pertaining to interblock shear resistance, whole block compressive strength and geogrid pull-out resistance. In the pull-out tests, the primary failure was rupture of the geogrid outside the blocks and performance was found to be above average, based on experience with a large number of systems tested over many years.

Maxiwall Pro upgrade:

We are happy to announce that Maxiwall Pro now includes important upgrades to ensure our users continue to optimize their workflow and remain in compliance with the most recent Design Standards.

1. New AASHTO 2020 Simplified Design Methodology.  The new AASHTO 2020 Simplified Design methodology was recently released in the United States and represents the most up to date LRFD Methodology for MSE Walls.  Changes compared to previous versions include the use of the Coulomb Earth Pressure Theory which allows the inclusion of interface friction to reduce applied loads, and the application of Strip and Point Loading behind the Wall.

2. Plan View Import.  The New Maxiwall allows users to import the Grading and Plan information of the Wall directly from AutoCAD using the Awall2 CAD Tool.  More information about this Tool can be found at  For those of you who do not use AutoCAD, the Awall Web Tool can be used in a similar way.  This can be found at:

3. New Graphics interface.  A completely overhauled graphics interface provides clearer, more precise diagrams and images, as well as accommodating smaller screens such as laptops.

Design Table Creator

Please note that Maxiwall 2015 is discontinued. For preliminary calculations for single skin walls make use of our Design Table Creator:

Use this interactive excel sheet to work out the design values – number of blocks, wall height and recommended set back – for most Terraforce blocks.

PLEASE NOTE: These design tables are intended to assist in estimating the cost of a proposed gravity retaining walls with Terraforce blocks. For a small fee, our TERRASAFE design service can provide a more formal and exact design.

For the design of composite retaining walls, i.e. structures with mechanically stabilised backfill or with additional reinforcing (double row of blocks, R.C. infill etc.) you are welcome to consult our free Maxiwall Pro software or Terrasafe design service (fee based).

Confirm availability of Terraforce blocks with your local supplier.

Refer to Product dimensions for dimensional details.

Refer to Planning alternatives for shear key details.

Refer to Setback charts for setback of retaining wall.