Design table creator

Design table creator for single skin Terraforce walls. Use this interactive excel sheet to work out the design values – number of blocks, wall height and recommended set back – for most Terraforce blocks. 

Please allow the page a few moments to load the document!

Double click on the highlighted cell “L12”, enter your block size and press enter.

Possible block sizes: L22, L12, L15, L15 IT, L16, L18, L11, L13, M10, V8, S10

Disclaimer: These values are for preliminary purposes only and do not replace the input of a competent professional.

The final design should be based on project specific geometry, loadings, soils, and other materials used in the construction. The table creator contains DEFAULT values for all data inputs that the user MUST change or verify as appropriate for the wall system components and project conditions being analyzed. These DEFAULT values do NOT ensure a conservative design for any wall component or site condition. The final design should provide for proper wall drainage to prevent the buildup of hydrostatic pressures over the service life of the structure.

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