Bill of Quantity

Abbreviated and full bill of quanitity

Terraforce blocks are available on five continents from a number of manufacturers who apply strict control on the materials used and the maintenance of the dimensional standards for product integrity in terms of their quality management system. Technical specifications and block type availability may vary from area to area.

Please note that all block types may not be available in your area. Check what is available with your local supplier/manufacturer. It is strongly advised that during construction of a Terraforce retaining wall all parties involved follow the proposed item description and installation guidelines as set out by Terraforce.

For the proposed item description (for contract specification) view the abbreviated bill of quantity below, or alternatively view the full bill of quantity.

Bill of Quantity:

Item No Description Unit Quantity
Supply and install strictly in accordance with the manufacturers specifications, segmental retaining walls with interlocking reversible Terraforce (specify type) blocks or similar approved.

All necessary work shall be carried out complete with foundations, drainage and filling of blocks as detailed by the engineer. (State dimensions, nominal mass of block, as well as colour – grey/sandstone/plum etc. where required.)

Where applicable, reference has to be made to the following items:

  • Trimming of batters
  • Excavation and trenching for footings
  • Reinforcing to footings and walls
  • Concrete in footings and block walls
  • “No-fines” as specified for drainage
  • Agricultural drains
  • Placing of geosynthetic
  • Placing and compacting of backfill
  • Plant hire
  • Engineer’s fee