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5/2022 – Introducing Terraforce Four x Four® Step block caps, available in the WC, South Africa

Early 2022, Durbanville Preparatory School elected to upgrade its sports facilities by reorganizing one large field on a slope into a sports facility with two new Astro turfs and two grassed fields which are terraced on different slope levels. (more…)

7/2021 – Free standing stairs made easy

Need a neat and easy to install staircase? The Terraforce 4×4 Step block, a light, dry-stack concrete unit is ideally suited for efficient and economical steps, either in combination with the Terraforce L range blocks or for free standing staircases. (more…)

9/2019 – Affordable seating for Green ICT school, Botha Halte

At the start of 2017 construction of a new Information and Communications Technology (ICT) school building began at Botha Halte Primary, off the R43 near Botha Wine Cellar in Worcester, South Africa. (more…)

5/2019 – Moving mountains with Terraforce

For South African educational campuses, sports facilities are always a top priority, and when Somerset College, one of the co-educational private schools in South Africa, was faced with a large, steep hill standing in the way of expanding their existing sports campus, major earth moving was unavoidable. (more…)

2/2019 – From hard ground to playground with Terraforce

Versatile step block creates safe space for play

In July 2018, Eikestad Primary School Stellenbosch in South Africa, decided to transform a bland, paved space into a place for play for their students. Find out more about the 4×4 Step Block.  Installed by Decorton Retaining Walls. (more…)

3/2017 – School seating with the 4×4 Step block system

Attractive and affordable school seating with Terraforce

When it comes to sitting down, we all want to do so comfortably. Unfortunately, public or community seating solutions are often expensive and time consuming to install, leaving such spaces underdeveloped due to lacking funds. Contact us for more information on the 4×4 Step Blocks.


1/2017 – IRDP housing gets facelift with CRB blocks

Retaining walls are often used to create more usable, durable areas for building homes and roads on land that would otherwise be inaccessible. They also lend themselves well as a cost-effective and versatile method for creating building platforms, access steps and road support for low cost housing, or as in this case, relocating informal settlers to new IRDP houses made with CRB blocks. (more…)

2/2016 – A place to gather with Terraforce, Doha

Revived in the last decade as the social heart of Doha, Qatar, Souq Waqif, a historic shopping hub, is a must-see highlight of the city. There has been a souq on this site for centuries; the Bedu would bring their sheep, goats and wool here to trade, and the entire market area has been skillfully redeveloped to look like a 19th-century souq, with mud-rendered shops, exposed timber beams and some beautifully restored original Qatari buildings. (more…)

7/2015 – Pitch and viewing perfect!

The term amphitheatre is derived from the Greek language, meaning roughly: viewing from two sides. Open air theatres have been in use for over two thousand years, mostly in ancient Greece and the Roman Empire, with some of them able to seat up to 60 000 spectators.


12/2014 – European retaining wall delights

In 2009, Libyan dictator Muammar Qaddafi’s sprawling residence in Sirte, Libya, Bab al-Aziziya, was turned into an amusement park as decreed by tourism minister Ikram Basha Imam earlier that year.


6/2013 – Doing it yourself with Terralite

DIY retaining wall

Princeton, a small town located in the Similkameen area of British Columbia, midway between Vancouver and the Okanagan Valley, is home to a few sawmills, copper mines and a centre for ranching. Sheltered by the Cascade mountain range in the west and by the Rocky Mountains in the east, Princeton enjoys a healthy climate, dry with rare temperature extremes (more…)

4/2013 – Don’t stand, sit down! Terraforce Seating options

When it comes to sitting down, we all want to do so comfortably. Unfortunately, public and community seating solutions are often expensive and time consuming to install, leaving such spaces underdeveloped due to lacking funds. As a result, there is big demand for durable seating, that can be installed in a cost-effective and easy manner, while still meeting statutory requirements of comfort and safety.


3/2013 – Outdoor entertainment: retaining wall with function

Retaining wall with varied form and function

Don’t let the steep slope in your backyard get in the way of your landscaping dreams. A concrete retaining wall with function can bring character and function to any landscape. If you’re looking to change the feel of your backyard and create more entertainment space, a retaining wall may be the answer.


13/2012 – Great high school seating upgrade for a new hockey field

User-friendly seating upgrade

Mid 2010, Westerford High School approached Strata Civils with a proposal of creating an Astro Turf Hockey Pitch with seating, retaining walls between the road and hockey pitch and around the seating and tennis court at the Imhoff sports ground in Newlands, Cape Town, Western Cape.