10/2021 – A fairy-tale garden transformation with Terraforce…

Narrated by Johan van Rooyen, Prestige Landscaping & Construction, Western Cape: “This is like the Cinderella Story of the 1 out of 100 backyards everywhere.”

Blocks supplied by Terraforce licensed manufacturer, Klapmuts Concrete

Terraforce walls transform a garden

View from the top of the Terraforce terraces

Some gardens need a lot of work…

“We painted the walls before we took the “before picture” – that’s how bad this was. Then we literally ripped the whole place up just to find out exactly why we called it STONEHENGE! Fortunately, as you can see the result is fit for a Swiss King!”

Painting the walls before the garden renovation

Before...a bushy, overgrown mess

Stonehenge part 1: The paint job

“As a first step, some simple white paint for outside and the boundary walls – nothing like a bit of white to bring back life to a worn-out garden space. Also, we painted the entire house inside and out. Then we sanded down and added three coats of wood paint coats for the entire wooden stoep and balcony.”

Painting the boundary walls Painting the house and balcony

Stonehenge part 2: Tree felling

“Trim, cut, stump removal & prune all the way around the property to prepare it for what’s to come. Always nice and messy, but oh so worth it!”

Trim, cut, stump removal & prune Trim, cut, stump removal & prune

Stonehenge part 3: Going water wise

“When you’re going water wise, compliment it with an irrigation system to match! From scratch around the entire property, inside and outside: fully automated, 600m + of piping later, two new tanks fed by the Ecogator System we installed and linked to the rainwater from the gutters, all flowing together to a 5.3 bar booster pump pushing it all back through the irrigation setup.

When the borehole comes online, this will be pretty much the best, most up to date water wise system available.”

Irrigation installation

Irrigation installation


Irrigation system

Stonehenge part 4: Terraforce retaining walls, at the back

“Just two simple lines of Terraforce L12 blocks completely changed the character of an otherwise very dull dry area.”

Just two simple lines of Terraforce L12 blocks

Just two simple lines of Terraforce L12 blocks

Stonehenge part 5: Water feature

“This is one of the Crown Jewels of this project. Take a simple old ski boat from the 70’s and “crash” it into the shoreline rocks. Cover it and the surrounds with every conceivable piece of classic memorabilia and the possibilities are endless: sit on the brown stone covered area in your wine vat and stare at it over sundowners or have lunch and stare at it with your favourite bottle of white to compliment.”

Water feature - ski boat from the 70's

Water feature - ski boat from the 70's

Stonehenge part 5: Terraforce Retaining Walls

“With the Terraforce rock face retaining blocks we created several walled levels with access steps, each having their own purpose – desert landscape level, bench and dining level, wash line level, reading level, Ecogator level etc. Then we used 13mm brown stone to make it cost effective, blend in with the retaining walls, complement the idea of the outlay and just be generally low maintenance.”

Blocks waiting for installation Preparation for Terraforce walls

Cutting of rocks

Many stones needed to be removed!

Setting up the terraces

Setting up the terraces

Planting trees for screening

The top terrace with Terraforce

“Along with the new irrigation system in the beds formed by the Terraforce walls, we filled them with fresh, specially mixed compost and feeds, from the bottom right up to the newly built bed for Olive Lane, to provide a natural cover from the road. On the outside we used another fast-growing water-wise, sturdy as weeds hedge plant, to further enhance the natural screen. The entire outer pavement area is now also under irrigation fed primarily by the Ecogator and we covered it with simple water-wise vygies; brown sand to green vegetation.”

Laying the crushed stone

Rolling out the geofabric

View along the back

Happy clients make us happy!

“Once we got the building and basics done it was great to see with how much enthusiasm, joy and pride the clients then proceeded to put their own stamp on it and make it their dream garden. Stonehenge is truly a very special, magical place now and we are super proud to have been part of it.”

A fairy-tale garden transformation with Terraforce…

View from the side

Many terraces for many purposes

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