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11/2012 – Some great projects of 2012

Beyond Expectations

This year turned out much better than expected  for Terraforce. If you build a company on a strong foundation and accomplished partnerships, any economic crisis can be overcome. And so we would like to end the year with a small selection of some of the remarkable projects completed this year.

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14/2012 – Basic guide: installing a Terraforce wall

Step by step photographic illustration

NB: When building composite walls of any significant height, it is important to consult an experienced engineer. The law is very strict, with the NHBRC requirement stating that a wall can be built to a height of 1.2m without consulting an engineer, but as a general rule 1.5m for walls no steeper than 70º is also possible.

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10/2012 – CMA Award for “most sustainable installation”

Terraforce wins CMA Award – Once again!

Installers: Dassenberg Retaining & Decorton Retaining Systems

Cape Town based precast block manufacturer, TERRAFORCE, managed to take home a prestigious Trophy at the CMA AWARDS and 40Th anniversary celebrations staged in Johannesburg. The Concrete Manufacturers Association (CMA) has held the first Awards for Excellence presentation based on its new awards category format.

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9/2012 – Introducing the Décor Wall Block

Backyard extension and refurbishing: new concrete block

A new concrete retaining block was tested for the first time on this site located on the R44 to Klapmuts, next to the N1 in the Western Cape. The site was earmarked by the owner as a restaurant and conference centre as he recognised a growing need for corporate business venues situated outside the CBD.

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8/2012 – Supporting the environment and art

Supporting art…

Terraforce is not just passionate about the built natural environment, in particular indigenous vegetation and protection of the rhino, but also the arts, and sponsors artist (Elgin Rust aka Advocate Alice) in particular, who addresses the processes and practices of legal redress for children in the children’s courts.

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7/2012 – How to go about terracing a steep slope

Flawlessly terracing a steep slope

Brief installation guidelines: When building composite walls of any significant height, it is of crucial importance to consult with an experienced engineer. The law is very strict on these matters, with the NHBRC requirement stating that one can build a wall to a height of 1.2m without consulting an engineer, but as a general rule 1.5m for walls no steeper than 70º is also possible. Any steeper and especially load carrying walls must be designed by a qualified engineer, even if only 1.2m high. Continue reading

6/2012 – Securing an old retaining wall

When one retaining wall holds up the other: Securing an old retaining wall

Installer: Decorton Retaining System

When Lance Dickson of Lance Dickson Builders noticed that the old retaining wall surrounding his church in Loevenstein, Bellville was becoming unstable, he requested a quote from Decorton Retaining, a recommended retaining wall installer, for a Terraforce retaining wall:

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12/2012 – Wastewater facility gets facelift

Cut slope retaining at Wastewater Treatment Works

Installer: Decorton Retaining System

In 2009, The City of Cape Town initiated a project to rehabilitate three anaerobic digesters by constructing a regional sludge handling facility at the Cape Flats Wastewater Treatment Works. A segmental block retaining wall system was considered most suitable for this project, as insitu material consists of fine sand.

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1/2011 – Green gateway to Doha Qatar

Local retaining block livens up highway interchanges

Consultant: Namwall cc

In 2005, Terraforce landed their first major contract in Dubai, using the L16 block to curb water erosion on the fronds of Palm Jumeirah, one the largest artificial islands in the world. Later that year, Terraforce appointed Consent L.L.C. as exclusive producers of Terraforce blocks in the Persian Gulf Region.

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5/2012 – River rehabilitation in Swaziland

Infrastructure challenges solved with local retaining block

Supplier & Installer: MiLiTo Precast

The Swaziland Electricity Board (SEB) of Mbabane was faced with an infrastructure rehabilitation/maintenance question that had to be attended urgently, in a sustainable and cost-effective manner. Says Holger Rust, CEO of Terraforce: “A feeder canal in the Sigangeni community, that is feeding water to two hydro-electric power stations was being undermined by an adjacent stream, which caused cracks, with consequent leaks compounding erosion/collapses on the embankments.”

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13/2012 – Great high school seating upgrade for a new hockey field

User-friendly seating upgrade

Mid 2010, Westerford High School approached Strata Civils with a proposal of creating an Astro Turf Hockey Pitch with seating, retaining walls between the road and hockey pitch and around the seating and tennis court at the Imhoff sports ground in Newlands, Cape Town, Western Cape.

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4/2012 – New web and social media presence

Terraforce launches new web / social media presence

In 2009, when Terraforce, a Cape Town based pre-cast concrete licensor, specializing in modular, hollow core concrete blocks, turned 30, the company had this to say:

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2/2012 – Making room for Shoprite Checkers

Design and supply retaining wall from Terraforce

Shoprite Checkers is Africa’s largest food retailer with more than 750 corporate and 250 franchised outlets in 18 countries throughout Africa, South-East Asia and the Indian Ocean Islands. Continue reading

3/2012 – Retaining walls should look good

Simple, yet good design

Concrete retaining walls do not have to look dull. A reputable walling contractor should be able to supply a design, or one endorsed by an engineer, for a concrete aesthetics retaining wall that is pleasing to look at, and complementary to the landscape it is placed in. Continue reading

6/2010 – Sheer ground to play ground

From sheer ground to playground

Create an ideal family garden with the Terraforce Retaining Wall System. Most homeowners dream of a billiard-table flat property, with plenty of space for children to run and play.  For many this will simply not happen, as many sought after family homes are often situated on heavily contoured ground, creating a need for an extensive retaining wall.

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30/2004 – Riverbed erosion control with Terrafix blocks

Riverbed get a new life with Terrafix blocks

Formerly a farm with a tranquil stream running through it, this site was finally given permission  to develop erosion control – subject to stringent environmental by-laws and other constraints – residential units and surrounding grounds. Considerably increased storm water run-off from 148 new houses, paved yards, driveways and roads had to be catered for.

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7/2011 – Terraforce display gets a new look

Cape Town Building Centre gets a new home

After 53 years, the Cape Town Building Centre moved to a new home in July in a custom-designed building at Northgate Estate, which necessitated a new look stand for Terraforce.

Holger Rust, the owner of Terraforce, says: “The new display is more compact, and now the entire display can be viewed at a glance and, of course, we stuck to our signature green to highlight our focus on green building, accentuated by the generous addition of plants to the display.”

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