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6/2023 – Rooftop transformation with Terrafix

Presented with a flat, unsightly rooftop at a home in Oranjezicht, Cape Town, South Africa, Bettina Haug, Euflora Landscaping, needed to find a solution for finishing off a surface that didn’t provide for a traditional roof top garden.

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5/2023 – Round Face Terraforce walls, Engen Station

Conveniently located in a fast growing residential and commercial suburb just outside Worcester, the 15-million-rand project was started from scratch. Two long retaining walls were needed to support the cut and fill slopes on site. Continue reading

4/2023 – Best Terraforce Project of the Year

In 2021 Terraforce started the “Best Terraforce Project of the Year” Awards to recognise the excellent workmanship and manufacturing standards of our licensed partners and clients, highlighting the one that impressed us the most. Continue reading

3/2023 – Stormwater management with Terraforce

When UD Trucks, Kraaifontein, South Africa, needed a solution for heavy storm water flow in an area with a very high water table in summer and winter, an attenuation pond was proposed, lined with 2158 Terraforce L11 blocks to deal with the many pressures working in and around the pond. Continue reading

2/2023 – The Terraforce Book of Ideas

A South African manufacturer with a passion for excellence and knowledge sharing, Terraforce has become a hallmark brand in the highly competitive precast concrete hollow core retaining block field. Proprietary by design, Terraforce blocks are engineered to perform, backed by close to four decades of dedicated research and development, which started with the S block in 1984.

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1/2023 – Terrific Terracrete™ in Perth!

Presenting a stunningly eye-catching front yard/verge transformation with Terraforce® Terracrete™ permeable grass pavers by Tim Coote, Marmion, Perth, Western Australia. Blocks made locally by The Block Makers, Geraldton, Western Australia. Continue reading

11/2022 – Here’s to a prosperous 2023!

This year proved to be light at the end of a tunnel, with Covid measures easing and the construction industry picking up somewhat. It has, however, also been a challenging year, as everyone has had to adjust to school and work returning to normal, while enduring loadshedding and the usual political circus. Continue reading

10/2022 – How to plant your Terraforce retaining wall

According to Terraforce, detailed planning and competent workmanship are such critical aspects of any segmental retaining wall (SRW) that it is easy to forget one of the most important tasks of such a project: the final landscaping that will transform a bland mass of concrete into a display of colour, scent and texture.
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9/2022 – Sitting down with Terraforce 4×4™ Step block

Ever since humans started walking the planet, they felt the desire to gather around a focal point to relax, negotiate and entertain each other – while sitting down. Today, these practical seating structures are still very popular, while the method of construction has become more user-friendly and building materials more varied and versatile.

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8/2022 – The efficiency of Terracrete permeable pavers

Terraforce delves into Permeable Interlocking Concrete Pavers (PICP) systems early on

The trend to counter the exponential growth of sealed trafficable surfaces in urban areas started to take root around 1980, possibly even a few years earlier. Research on that subject was conducted by R. Masters and M. Singer 1982, Berlin Waterworks 1984, S.Borgwardt 1993, B. Shackel 1996 and many others. Continue reading

7/2022 – Winning Projects, CMA Digital Awards 2022

We are proud to announce that two of our submissions to the Concrete Manufacturers Association Awards for Excellence competition – which was presented in a new jacket, in the form of a digital event – won category awards. Continue reading

6/2022 – Download Terraforce Design Guide 2022 now!

Access to the new Design Guide is now open!

We apologise for the wait due to technical issues. Please click on the link here: to view the guides online or to download your free copy, pending agreement to our terms and conditions.

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5/2022 – Introducing Terraforce Four x Four® Step block caps, available in the WC, South Africa

Early 2022, Durbanville Preparatory School elected to upgrade its sports facilities by reorganizing one large field on a slope into a sports facility with two new Astro turfs and two grassed fields which are terraced on different slope levels. Continue reading

4/2022 – The Many Faces of Terraforce!

The Terraforce retaining system offers a series of hollow core concrete blocks which are lightweight for easy delivery, handling, and installation, yet heavy in mass when filled with soil, gravel, or concrete. Continue reading

3/2022 – Design Guide Hot Off The Press

We are proud to announce: Our new design guide has been completed!

Originally scheduled to have been launched, before Covid lockdown measures put a spanner in the works. Although partially based on our original 1992 Design Manual, the new extended version involved the participation of professionals in three countries, who were now faced with extraordinary challenges to deal with.

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2/2022 -CMA Awards for Excellence, 2022

The CMA (Concrete Manufacturers Association) Awards for Excellence are truly underway now. We have worked hard at submitting our best retaining wall entries in the engineering and aesthetics categories and are very proud of the resulting videos that where so skilfully put together by the CMA, especially Liandre Bezuidenhout. Entries will close 6 May and adjudication will officially close the 22 June 2022. Continue reading

1/2022 – Wishing everyone a peaceful and prosperous new year!

As we enter another year of the Covid saga, we hold thumbs tightly that there will be a turnaround of lockdowns, curfews and any other restrictions placed on industries and life in general.

For us, business has mostly continued as normal, but tougher than before, within the confines that the Pandemic placed on us as a business. Luckily retaining walls are mostly indispensable, especially ones that are versatile, technically established and proven over more than 40 years and lastly, fully plantable and durable.

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12/2021 – Welcome to Brix, Terraforce Licensee, Egypt!

End November, Terraforce flew to Egypt to visit our new partners, Brix. Even though we had to cut our trip short due to sudden flight restrictions because of Omicron being discovered in South Africa, we had four successful days in Cairo. We thoroughly enjoyed meeting the team at the factory in New Cairo, as well as meeting companies EIWC and Egypt Grid to establish new working relationships.

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11/2021 – Terraforce, your growing force!

Four years later, the Terraforce round face finish walls at the new Harbour Bay Mall in Simons Town, South Africa, are looking fantastic! Expertly installed by Terraforce Recommended Contractor Dassenberg Retaining Systems using the specified Terraforce L11 block these earth retaining walls are now draped by abundant creepers of many shades of green, softening and greening them very effectively. Continue reading

10/2021 – A fairy-tale garden transformation with Terraforce…

Narrated by Johan van Rooyen, Prestige Landscaping & Construction, Western Cape: “This is like the Cinderella Story of the 1 out of 100 backyards everywhere.”

Blocks supplied by Terraforce licensed manufacturer, Klapmuts Concrete
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