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5/2023 – Round Face Terraforce walls, Engen Station

Conveniently located in a fast growing residential and commercial suburb just outside Worcester, the 15-million-rand project was started from scratch. Two long retaining walls were needed to support the cut and fill slopes on site. (more…)

3/2016 – Highest Terraforce retaining wall in South Africa

In 2007, BRW Projects completed the then-highest Terraforce CRB (Concrete Retaining Block) wall in South Africa at Brettenwood Estate, Salt Rock, KwaZulu-Natal.


12/2015 – Satisfied customers in Perth, Australia

Nothing makes us happier than feedback from satisfied customers, especially when we receive photos and installation descriptions with it. Recently two Terraforce block users contacted us with images of their retaining wall projects, and the results are remarkable! (more…)

6/2015 – Doubling-up for stronger retaining walls

When retaining walls are planned in confined spaces, for example when a retaining wall has to be built close to an excavated earth face or between buildings and a road, the design needs to be adapted by doubling-up and combining the following installation approaches: (more…)

2/2013 – Local retaining wall system takes on “impossible” job

Heavy duty retaining at its best

Cape Recommended Terraforce Local retaining wall system installer, Decorton Retaining Systems, recently found themselves in the position of being the only contractor willing to undertake the installation of a particularly complicated and steep (9m high) retaining wall. Update once the project is completed will follow.