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12/2021 – Welcome to Brix, Terraforce Licensee, Egypt!

End November, Terraforce flew to Egypt to visit our new partners, Brix. Even though we had to cut our trip short due to sudden flight restrictions because of Omicron being discovered in South Africa, we had four successful days in Cairo. We thoroughly enjoyed meeting the team at the factory in New Cairo, as well as meeting companies EIWC and Egypt Grid to establish new working relationships.


11/2021 – Terraforce, your growing force!

Four years later, the Terraforce round face finish walls at the new Harbour Bay Mall in Simons Town, South Africa, are looking fantastic! Expertly installed by Terraforce Recommended Contractor Dassenberg Retaining Systems using the specified Terraforce L11 block these earth retaining walls are now draped by abundant creepers of many shades of green, softening and greening them very effectively. (more…)

10/2021 – A fairy-tale garden transformation with Terraforce…

Narrated by Johan van Rooyen, Prestige Landscaping & Construction, Western Cape: “This is like the Cinderella Story of the 1 out of 100 backyards everywhere.”

Blocks supplied by Terraforce licensed manufacturer, Klapmuts Concrete

9/2021 – Storm water management on retaining walls

Since most retaining walls are semi-impervious, which means water cannot easily pass through the wall itself, efficient drainage is crucial. When drainage goes unaddressed, hydrostatic pressure can build up behind the wall and cause damage such as bulging or cracking, or even collapse. (more…)

8/2021 – Important Notice: Discontinuation of Maxiwall 2015

We have discontinued Maxiwall 2015 with immediate effect.

As an alternative, please use our Design Table Creator (link below) for basic calculation for single skin gravity walls. (more…)

7/2021 – Free standing stairs made easy

Need a neat and easy to install staircase? The Terraforce 4×4 Step block, a light, dry-stack concrete unit is ideally suited for efficient and economical steps, either in combination with the Terraforce L range blocks or for free standing staircases. (more…)

6/2021 – Magnificent views with Terraforce

Steep slope? No problem with Terraforce!

Purchasing property on a steep slope often leaves the owner faced with finding a safe, but also attractive way to create enough level building space for their dream home. In this case, two plots needed levelling to allow optimal space for two new luxury villas and generous gardens to be built on the slopes of Paarl Mountain, South Africa.


5/2021 – Functional AND beautiful: retention pond delight

During the drought in 2017, the Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT) Bellville Campus announced that all their existing green spaces were being irrigated with recycled water that is collected and pumped into an on-site lake. In August 2020 – to comply with City of Cape Town’s by-laws and regulations for storm-water management – this lake was extended and upgraded to increase the capacity of the existing retention pond as well as refurbish the existing outlet and inlet structures. (more…)

4/2021 – Ethics in business begins with YOU…

There is no such thing as ‘business ethics’. People either have ethics or they don’t. If they do not have personal ethics, they will definitely not have ethics in business and if they have personal ethics, they will definitely have it in business too.

Dr John C. Maxwell American author, speaker, and pastor.


3/2021 – Extensive Terraforce retaining walls in Morocco!

Terraced Terraforce round face retaining walls for eroding slopes in a residential area situated on very steep hills in Morocco:


2/2021 – Eco-friendly Dune rehabilitation with Terraforce

Nhoxani Beach, meaning ‘Peaceful Place’, is a prime waterfront private housing estate on the bay of Maputo, situated on the magnificent Santa Maria peninsula, Mozambique. (more…)

1/2021 – Retaining wall excellence in Spain with Terraforce

When in mid-2020 Terraforce received the final images of a newly completed Terraforce earth retaining wall at the Salamanca Hospital, Salamanca, Spain, we were immediately struck by the technical excellence on display. Having followed the installation process step by step, this outstanding outcome is not surprising. (more…)

12/2020 – Retaining wall excellence in the UK with Terraforce

Looking back

It’s been a tough year. Getting through hard lockdowns and building industries at standstill has been challenging, however we can thankfully announce that sales have stabilised and mostly returned to pre-lockdown levels. Some regions even presented with an increase in sales. (more…)

11/2020 – Levelling the way for Shoprite Checkers

Levelling the way for Shoprite Checkers

Concrete block retaining walls are often used to stabilise the slopes built during the construction of level platforms for new commercial or residential developments, such as for the new Shoprite Checkers on Drakenstein Road, Paarl, Western Cape, South Africa. This site is nestled on gently sloping land between the Berg River to the west and the Drakenstein mountain range to the east, requiring slope stabilising measures. (more…)

10/2020 – How to create a green eco-surface with Terracrete blocks

Why Terracrete?

Terracrete hard lawn blocks hold many benefits for landscape designers. From an aesthetic point of view, they are very versatile – a grass driveway, a rustic gravel driveway or an attractive pattern of pavers can provide the finishing touch to a residence or development that is looking to stand out. In addition, permeable grass pavers can add a parklike or pastoral feel to many areas that normally require hard paving, while providing effective storm water management and permeability at the same time.


9/2020 – Sloping property? No problem with Terraforce!

Dealing with a property on a slope AND keeping it attractive!

Don’t let the steep slope in your backyard get in the way of your landscaping dreams. Conquer a problem slope by installing a concrete-block retaining wall — you’ll add space, structure, and value to your property. (more…)

8/2020 – Maxiwall Pro upgrade

We are happy to announce that Maxiwall Pro now includes important upgrades to ensure our users continue to optimize their workflow and remain in compliance with the most recent Design Standards. (more…)

7/2020 – Striking garden walls in Western Australia with Terraforce!

Don’t let the slope in your backyard get in the way of your landscaping dreams. A concrete retaining wall with function can bring appeal to any garden. If you’re looking to change the character of your backyard and create more entertainment space at the same time, a retaining wall may be your answer! (more…)

6/2020 – Harbour Bay Shopping Precinct reaches new heights with Terraforce walls

Property development often requires cut and fill slopes, that consequently need to be stabilised to prevent erosion by the elements. In this case, a new lifestyle and shopping complex in Simons Town was built into a hill in the Dido Valley, leaving several steep and exposed cut slopes in need of stabilisation. (more…)

5/2020 – Taking a school sports field to new heights

In June 2019, St Cyprian’s school in Oranjezicht, Cape Town, ZA, received the great news that they had the go ahead to upgrade the Upper Orange field into an international standard hockey field. (more…)