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2/2023 – The Terraforce Book of Ideas

A South African manufacturer with a passion for excellence and knowledge sharing, Terraforce has become a hallmark brand in the highly competitive precast concrete hollow core retaining block field. Proprietary by design, Terraforce blocks are engineered to perform, backed by close to four decades of dedicated research and development, which started with the S block in 1984.


9/2022 – Sitting down with Terraforce 4×4™ Step block

Ever since humans started walking the planet, they felt the desire to gather around a focal point to relax, negotiate and entertain each other – while sitting down. Today, these practical seating structures are still very popular, while the method of construction has become more user-friendly and building materials more varied and versatile.


6/2022 – Download Terraforce Design Guide 2022 now!

Access to the new Design Guide is now open!

We apologise for the wait due to technical issues. Please click on the link here: to view the guides online or to download your free copy, pending agreement to our terms and conditions.


3/2022 – Design Guide Hot Off The Press

We are proud to announce: Our new design guide has been completed!

Originally scheduled to have been launched, before Covid lockdown measures put a spanner in the works. Although partially based on our original 1992 Design Manual, the new extended version involved the participation of professionals in three countries, who were now faced with extraordinary challenges to deal with.


8/2021 – Important Notice: Discontinuation of Maxiwall 2015

We have discontinued Maxiwall 2015 with immediate effect.

As an alternative, please use our Design Table Creator (link below) for basic calculation for single skin gravity walls. (more…)

8/2020 – Maxiwall Pro upgrade

We are happy to announce that Maxiwall Pro now includes important upgrades to ensure our users continue to optimize their workflow and remain in compliance with the most recent Design Standards. (more…)

11/2019 – Retaining the Garden Route, skilfully

It is always a pleasure to visit our Terraforce families locally and overseas, and this October we made our way up to the Garden Route to say hello to Mobicast, a longstanding and successful licensed Terraforce manufacturer in Mossel Bay, Southern Cape, South Africa. (more…)

3/2019 – 40 years of commitment to technical excellence!

The year 2019 marks our 40th anniversary of being engaged in the earth retaining and erosion control industry.

Initially as a supplier and installer of wire mesh gabions, we soon switched to the more sustainable concrete block method of our own design. It was a good choice, and with only one competitor from Europe in this sector, our business grew steadily and is now represented by dedicated licensees on all continents. (more…)

7/2018 – Maxiwall Pro is now live!

A solid foundation.

After 39 years of providing concrete earth retaining and erosion control solutions, Terraforce blocks are a recognized and trusted brand amongst many industry experts in South Africa and abroad. To arrive at this juncture required significant – and tireless – effort. When registering the Terraforce trademark in 1982, we understood that to survive in this line of business a lot more was required than just producing and selling of blocks, or to free-load off the advances made by others. (more…)

4/2018 – New, state-of-the-art design software for Terraforce

Going forward with integrity and passion!

As we approach our 40th year in business, we at Terraforce look back on a solid track record, while being acutely aware of the need to provide dependable, sustainable and lasting solutions. Not only for our own people, but our partners and customers, depend on it as well.


9/2017 – Step by Step rock face wall

Step by step TERRAFORCE rock face retaining wall:

Terraforce rock face retaining wall in picturesque Cornwall, on a plot in the town of Rock, a holiday resort across the Camel Estuary from the fishing port of Padstow. Installed by Ross Campbell, Ross Campbell Contractors, the 4000-block wall is built with starter bar to the top of the vertical section, with concrete infill, a double block layer and no fines concrete infill for extra reinforcing. (more…)

7/2017 – Designing better with Terraforce

When considering retaining wall options, it pays off to consider the many Terraforce wall design choices available. Cutting corners at this stage will lead to a disappointing result.


14/2014 – A safe transition into the New Year 2015!

To end this year, we would like to wish our customers, and especially our licensees and installers, a peaceful festive season and a safe transition into the New Year 2015!. It has been a productive and successful year for most of us, with very exciting growth on both the local, and international front. Another highlight has been the fantastic interest shown for our design service, Terrasafe, with more and more professionals making use of the specialist input of our trusted and experienced engineer.


11/2014 – Cleaning up after the short-cut brigade

“Failure” of a retaining wall does not always mean total collapse, but rather implies signs of impending instability and the possibility of future failure. Total collapses, where the wall overturns, slides, topples, or otherwise causes a massive letting loose of the retained earth with resulting damage above and below the wall, are relatively rare . In both instances, there is no alternative but to rebuild and correct the root causes, mostly due to skimping on expenses or sloppy unsupervised workmanship – aka the short-cut brigade.


8/2014 – Safe wall designs with Terrasafe

“In response to market demands, a design service called TERRASAFE, a platform that provides first-class engineering, management, and specialist technical assistance to users of any of the Terraforce products, was launched early 2011.” (more…)

13/2013 – Sustainable business is achieved with integrity

Ever since its founding in 1979, the Terraforce management team has been driven by one primary concern, namely to build a solid, long-lasting company that could survive without exploiting resources or trampling on the interests of others.