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L11, L12, L13, L15, L15IT, L16, L18, L22  Rock face or Standard | Terralite | 4×4 Multi Step Block | Terrafix Erosion Control Block | Terracrete Hard Lawn paver   [The following are only available in the Eastern Cape: M10, M15, V8, V10, V10 corner]
The number after the L in the block name indicates the amount of blocks per square meter, So the L22 requires 22 blocks per square meter, while the L11 only requires 11. A larger block will require less blocks, while a smaller block will allow you to turn tighter corners in your design.
Please note: When building composite walls of any significant height, it is of crucial importance to consult with an experienced engineer. The law is very strict on these matters, with the NHBRC requirement stating that one can build a wall to a height of 1.2m without consulting an engineer, but as a general rule 1.5m for walls no steeper than 70º is also possible. Any steeper and especially load carrying walls must be designed by a qualified engineer, even if only 1.2m high.
Scroll down the page for an overview of Terraforce products. Please note that each licensee will only produce their own choice of products and not all the blocks will be available in every area they are manufactured
arrow side L11, 12, 13, 15, 16, 17, 18, 22 :Consult with your nearest supplier for the best fit of block for the job. Please note that each supplier does not necessarily stock the full range of products.arrow down
L11 block L11 Rock
arrow side L12: Reacting to a growing demand by their longstanding customers, Cape Retaining Systems have launched the new cost-effective Terraforce L 12 block. Aimed at the D.I.Y. market, the block is about 11% cheaper than the popular L11 block, lighter and easier to handle with better colour consistency. arrow down
L12 block L12 Rock Face block
L13 block L13 Rock Face block
L15 Block Standard L15 Rock Face block
L15 IT Standard L15 IT Rock Face block
L16 Standard block L16 Rock Face block
L17 Terraforce Block L17 Rock Terraforce Block
L18 Standard block L18 Rock Face block
L22 Standard block L22 Rock Face block
arrow side Terralite/L36:It’s small size means that it goes around sharp or wide convex and concave curves with ease. It also merges seamlessly from a vertical to an inclined wall. It can be used to create steps by reversing the block and changing the texture and it can be used in combination with the Multi 4×4 stair block. The 150mm riser of the 4×4 stair block matches the Terralite height. arrow down
L36 Standard block L36 Rock Face block
arrow side M10, M15 and V8, V10:Only available in East London, South Africa – Terraforce East Cape arrow down
 M10 Standard block M10 Rock face block
 M15 Standard block M15 Rock Face block
V8 Standard block V8 Rock Face block
V10 Standard block V10 Rock Face block
V10 Corner block Standard
arrow side 4×4 Multi Step Block:

Aimed at providing efficient and economical steps in conjunction with the original retaining blocks of his design, they soon became very popular not only for stairway access, but also to provide comfortable, practical stair and seating arrangements at leisure amenities and school sports facilities.  arrow down

4 x 4 Multi Step block
arrow side Terrafix:

Interlocking environmentally acceptable block made of high strength concrete. It is specifically designed to provide a flexible lining where cost-effective protection against wind and water erosion is required.  Ideal for combating the rapid degradation of our rivers and streams, caused by  urbanisation and poor farming practices all over South Africa and the world.arrow down

Terrafix erosion control block
arrow side Terracrete:

Versatile eco-surface hard lawn paving. The units can be laid in different patterns and may be used with or without ground anchors for the lining of riverbanks and other areas subjects to soil erosion. The paving of grassed roads and parking areas, as well as the stabilising of steep embankments such as bridge abutments, can be undertaken with these versatile blocks.     arrow down

Terracrete Hard Lawn block
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