2/2024 – Terracrete™ permeable paver provides flood alleviation in Benin City, Nigeria

The Terracrete permeable pavers between the home in Benin City, preventing erosion

Gapoina-Urora Flood Control Project Initiated 2020, the Gapoina-Urora Flood Control Project, situated in Benin City, Nigeria, is part of the Nigeria Erosion and Watershed Management Project (NEWMAP). NEWMAP works in conjunction with the different state ministries of environment and the federal ministry of environment at the national level. It is a World Bank assisted project…


3/2023 – Stormwater management with Terraforce

The Terraforce L12 was chosen for its weight per square meter

When UD Trucks, Kraaifontein, South Africa, needed a solution for heavy storm water flow in an area with a very high water table in summer and winter, an attenuation pond was proposed, lined with 2158 Terraforce L11 blocks to deal with the many pressures working in and around the pond.


1/2023 – Terrific Terracrete™ in Perth!

A stunningly eye-catching front yard/verge transformation with Terraforce® Terracrete™ permeable grass pavers by Tim Coote

Eye-catching Terracrete installation in Australia Presenting a stunningly eye-catching front yard/verge transformation with Terraforce® Terracrete™ permeable grass pavers by Tim Coote, Marmion, Perth, Western Australia. Blocks made locally by The Block Makers, Geraldton, Western Australia.


8/2022 – The efficiency of Terracrete permeable pavers

Terraforce delves into Permeable Interlocking Concrete Pavers (PICP) systems early on The trend to counter the exponential growth of sealed trafficable surfaces in urban areas started to take root around 1980, possibly even a few years earlier. Research on that subject was conducted by R. Masters and M. Singer 1982, Berlin Waterworks 1984, S.Borgwardt 1993,…


9/2021 – Storm water management on retaining walls

Vertical drains were installed

Drainage and Terraforce walls Since most retaining walls are semi-impervious, which means water cannot easily pass through the wall itself, efficient drainage is crucial. When drainage goes unaddressed, hydrostatic pressure can build up behind the wall and cause damage such as bulging or cracking, or even collapse.


5/2021 – Functional AND beautiful: retention pond delight

Detention pond with Terraforce at CPUT, Western Cape

Expanding pond capacity and looks. During the drought in 2017, the Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT) Bellville Campus announced that all their existing green spaces were being irrigated with recycled water that is collected and pumped into an on-site lake. In August 2020 – to comply with City of Cape Town’s by-laws and regulations…


12/2020 – Retaining wall excellence in the UK with Terraforce

Terraforce wall

Looking back It’s been a tough year. Getting through hard lockdowns and building industries at standstill has been challenging, however we can thankfully announce that sales have stabilised and mostly returned to pre-lockdown levels. Some regions even presented with an increase in sales.


10/2020 – How to create a green eco-surface with Terracrete blocks

Fully planted Terracrete permeable pavers

Why the Terracrete Permeable Paver? Terracrete hard lawn blocks hold many benefits for landscape designers. From an aesthetic point of view, they are very versatile – a grass driveway, a rustic gravel driveway or an attractive pattern of pavers can provide the finishing touch to a residence or development that is looking to stand out.…


1/2020 – Terracrete ® permeable pavers for a greener Mossel Bay

Terraforce Terracrete permeable pavers, Sandhoogte Pad

Terracrete eco-surfaces in the Gardenroute Terracrete, manufactured locally and internationally by Terraforce licensed manufacturers, is a multipurpose and cost-effective eco-surface paving block system, which is exactly what attracted the Mossel Bay Municipality to this proudly South African product for their plans to formalise open stormwater channels and create vehicle strip roads with a suitable grass…