3/2024 – Terraforce: A South African legacy, now female owned

Terraforce, a 45-year-old family legacy

Celebrating 45 years of family legacy and retaining wall excellence. Carving out their own path, while honouring a family legacy that spans over four decades, Elgin Rust and Karin Johns (née Rust) are taking over the reins of the retaining wall business conceived 45 years ago by their father, Holger Rust. The dynamic duo is…



With slopes of up to 12m high which included soft rock outcrop, creating a “soft” interface required the use of an undulating retaining system – Terraforce – combining access, planting and stormwater management.

In December 2023, after careful consideration, we selected the 2023 “Best Terraforce Project of the Year” Awards to recognise the excellent workmanship and manufacturing standards of our licensed partners, recommended contractors and other service suppliers. For 2023 we chose as our winner a Terraforce retaining wall design by KCE Consulting Engineers, Installed by Decorton Retaining…


12/2023 – Terraforce Announces the Launch of New Website

Website upgrade Terraforce®, a leading licensor of modular earth retaining and erosion control systems, based in South Africa and operating internationally, is pleased to announce the launch of its new website. The revamped website offers a clear and comprehensive user experience, highlighting the company’s commitment to providing quality and innovative retaining blocks and wall solutions…


4/2023 – Best Terraforce Project of the Year

Beautifull landscaping finishes off the site

In 2021 Terraforce started the “Best Terraforce Project of the Year” Awards to recognise the excellent workmanship and manufacturing standards of our licensed partners and clients, highlighting the one that impressed us the most.


8/2022 – The efficiency of Terracrete permeable pavers

Terraforce delves into Permeable Interlocking Concrete Pavers (PICP) systems early on The trend to counter the exponential growth of sealed trafficable surfaces in urban areas started to take root around 1980, possibly even a few years earlier. Research on that subject was conducted by R. Masters and M. Singer 1982, Berlin Waterworks 1984, S.Borgwardt 1993,…


6/2022 – Download Terraforce Design Guide 2022 now!

Terraforce Design Guide 2022

Access to the new Design Guide is now open! We apologise for the wait due to technical issues. Please click on the link here: http://designguide.terraforce.com/register/ to view the guides online or to download your free copy, pending agreement to our terms and conditions.


4/2022 – The Many Faces of Terraforce!

The Terraforce retaining system offers a series of hollow core concrete blocks which are lightweight for easy delivery, handling, and installation, yet heavy in mass when filled with soil, gravel, or concrete.


2/2022 – CMA Awards for Excellence, 2022

Terraforce rock face walls, Spain. Designed by Maxiwall Pro.

CMA Awards 2022 The CMA (Concrete Manufacturers Association) Awards for Excellence are truly underway now. We have worked hard at submitting our best retaining wall entries in the engineering and aesthetics categories and are very proud of the resulting videos that where so skilfully put together by the CMA, especially Liandre Bezuidenhout. Entries will close…


12/2021 – Welcome to Brix, Terraforce Licensee, Egypt!

Meeting at Egypt Grid

Terraforce in Egypt End November, Terraforce flew to Egypt to visit our new partners, Brix. Even though we had to cut our trip short due to sudden flight restrictions because of Omicron being discovered in South Africa, we had four successful days in Cairo. We thoroughly enjoyed meeting the team at the factory in New…