Quick check of benefits

 Landscaping with the rock face retaining block Aesthetics 
  • Obtainable in different sizes and colours
  • Reversible units for variations on elevation
  • Variable setback allows featuresque appearance
  • Design flexibility – corners, curves and stairs
  • Plant supportive rounded or rock face elevation
 Wall constructed using the Rock Face block  Transport 
  • Low transport cost – lightweight, hollow units
  • Easy handling for remote site applications
  • Installed using standard industry procedures
  • No intricate installation manuals required
  • Special units and connectors not required
  • One-block system; low labour & material cost
 Heavy duty retaining wall with the Smooth Face block Design 
  • Design charts and manuals supplied
  • Free design software – www.maxiwall.com
  • Gravity or composite earth retaining options
  • Specification test results available
  • I.C.B.O. evaluation report completed
  • 80 project profiles on demand
  • Instant design & planning information
  • Easy planning with one-block system
  • Proven product for over 40 years
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