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“We have an excellent relationship with the people at TERRAFORCE S.A. who have always given us all the support and help we have needed. I can confidently say that anyone taking on a TERRAFORCE licence will not be disappointed, in any way, with the help, assistance and service they will receive. The TERRAFORCE retaining wall block is also an excellent product.”

Peter Craven, Terraforce UK, United Kingdom

“The Blockmakers in Western Australia is a manufacturer of many different kinds of garden landscaping and retaining wall blocks. In 2001, we were fortunate enough to be appointed as the licensee for Australia for Terraforce Retaining Wall Systems. This system has been a fantastic addition to our range. The product is very unique and very well designed, making it easy to sell. We have found Terraforce to be a very professional company to work with.”

Tracey Foster, The Blockmakers, Australia

Terraforce retaining wall system, combines more advantages than other systems available in the marketplace. lt is the only reversible hollow retaining wall bloek to display smooth round face or split straight face appearance. Terraforce is fully plant supportive with an open horizontal surface structure, and has a closed vertical surface structure to prevent progressive erosion of compacted backfill.

Terraforce association with the Middle East region began in 2005 when it was chosen for iconic palm island project at Jumeirah. Holger Rust, founder and member of Terraforce had to do his arduous task of shortlisting the local block manufacturer. After careful consideration, he selected Consent LLC as an exclusive manufacturer in the Middle East. Consent then went on to successfully manufacture and supply l.6million Terraforce L16 blocks and 4×4 step blocks to Palm Jumeirah, that now make up the lush gardens and steps to the beach from the many luxurious villas on the island.

Today, almost 14 years later, the Terraforce blocks have stood the test of time and are intact thereby contributing to the impeccable landscape of palm Jumeirah and Consent is still successful supplying the blocks to many prestigious projects in the UAE and neighbouring GCC countries. Consent has held a long-standing relationship with Terraforce and partnered through much of the success both entities have achieved.

We appreciate Holger Rust for creating a unique product that is different from the rest available in the marketplace. We are so impressed with the outcomes of his technical expertise and support.

Terraforce marketing team is an energetic and exciting team to work in. Karin and Elgin are very supportive, they are sharing the marketing resources and expertise to successfully meet our request on every occasion. They truly understand what it takes to maintain a success relationship with the customers.

Jojo Johny, Division Manager, Consent LLC, UAE

The company operates on five continents with 26 manufactures around the world that have recognized and chosen Terraforce as an earth retaining system that offers design choices, unequaled by others. In return for a modest royalty they have access to substantial marketing and design information.

Says Karin Johns, Marketing director, Terraforce: “Some licensees outsource and some start their own production facilities, we can definitely assist with that decision, it does however appear that the current trend for new licensees seems to be to partner with existing precast product companies, as this does reduce start-up costs.

We provide as much technical support to all our licensees in terms of Terrsafe (, our professional design service, and a free Terraforce design software, Maxiwall Pro (, as well as various other supporting technical/design documents.

In terms of marketing we work closely with most of our licensee in supporting them with print material and digital strategies as much as possible. This depends totally on how much the licensees wishes to design their own material or use that provided by Terraforce, with some customisation.

Terraforce has a strong presence on Social Media:
LinkedIn: Terraforce LinkedIn

We also offer access to an extensive case study and image library that are used to support each licensee as needed. A monthly newsletter/case study is sent out by Terraforce, and most licensees send us relevant contact databases for us to add to our existing one so that our database can include these potential customers too.

Each licensee will be promoted on these platforms in their specific territory, and we will design a custom Facebook page for each new licensed manufacturer, as we have found this platform to be the most successful in terms of social media marketing. These will be promoted on a regular basis.”

An ongoing programme of development and performance tests will ensure access to new evaluation reports, case studies and innovative design software at all times. Opportunities for new licensees exist in many parts of the world.

Established manufacturers of machine-made concrete products could utilise existing machinery. Alternatively a small semi – automatic block plant including mould box and capable of producing an average of 1200 L15 or L18 blocks per day, can be purchased. PRICES are US $ 32,000.00 – for a stationary and US $ 40,00.00 – for a mobile plant (F.O.B. Cape Town). Bigger, fully automatic machines, capable of producing 5200 blocks per day can also be supplied, and prices are quoted on application. proposed plant layout.

Mould Machine Mould Machine option 2
Mould Machine – option 1      Mould Machine – option 2

For further information on license agreements & block plants, contact us now, or write to:
Holger Rust, Terraforce cc
P.O. Box 1453, Cape Town, 8000, South Africa
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