Natasha Mikula, UK:
Fantastically versatile product that offers structural strength, aesthetic arrangement and provides a plantable living feature wall. Peter was extremely helpful and responsive in his communication and both deliveries arrived on time.
Carol Barkwell, Devon, UK:
Happy to show anyone local what can be achieved with your great product, I love the wall!” This wall is in Rock, Cornwall, and was lovingly planted with 4000 plants.
Diana Kenney, Wiltshire, UK:
Glad to see its taking off in the UK. We got ours 10 years ago – first delivery in Dorset and we built our wall. The blocks made our garden look amazing and so easy to install too!
Simone Elwell, Perth, Australia:
My husband has created an amazing wall with your Terraforce blocks. We live on a slant and we have built a retaining wall and built up from the bottom of the slant to the house level and have created an amazing pool area with views out over the area. The Terraforce wall is a highlight!!! I have attached a couple of before pictures also. We basically have used the Terraforce wall to build up and pop the pool into. Thanks for such an awesome product!!!
Katherine James, Perth, Australia:
Just last weekend we built some stairs in the wall with the blocks as we love it so much – it looks good (even though the blocks you guys use for stairs are rectangular and these are curved)…we plan to glue the caps for safety…It’s not completely done but nearly there — we now have the pool in and the 1 metre wall is doing well – we LOVE LOVE LOVE Terraforce!!!!
Kevin Bailey, Cape Town, South Africa:
Terraforce is a fantastic product. The longevity of the blocks is phenomenal and highly recommended as a solution to all applicable retaining requirements. Been using your product for many many years and very impressed.
Brenda Miller of Florida:
Though I’ve never enjoyed trampolines in a landscape, you’ve done well. Particularly noteworthy is the open stem wall top. Though I’ve terraced with many materials, this is as a concrete block turned on its side: supportive, reinforces water conservation and slows spillage. For someone at the bottom of a hill, water distribution both retention and redistribution is important. Great job!
Hannes Bouwer of Bouwer Architects on using the Terraforce L12 blocks and Terracrete hard lawn blocks at Cavalli Wine and Stud Farm:
The rock face blocks blend with the natural environment, their sandstone colour matching the surrounding soil. They are plantable and permeable, allowing the landscapers free reign.
Karien Visser, engineer with KLS Consulting Engineers:
It is a very well known product, and we liked that the system is a design and supply item.
Tobie Cilliers from Strata Civils says that he frequently uses the Terraforce system for landscaping and erosion control measures:
Terraforce offers a user-friendly landscape remodelling method that is flexible, cost-effective and faster to install than off shutter concrete or bricks. The entire job can be done on site and the blocks fit in just about anywhere.
Rudolf Eksteen of Moorreesburg, on using Terraforce L18 blocks for grain storage circles:
I am thrilled with the ease of installation. All that is required is a level piece of ground with a matching diameter.” Packing the versatile blocks on a circle marked out around a central foundation hole is a breeze, although requiring some basic construction skills.
James Nielsen owner of a home in Woodstock, approached Terraforce to help him build a hard-wearing driveway with the Terracrete hard lawn blocks:
Nielson says that he used two labourers that had never worked with the product before: It was easy enough for them to do a good job under the guidance of a Terraforce professional, and it took us about two weeks to complete the job. I am happy, and everything looks neat. I can recommend Terracrete blocks, they work well.
Pieter van Rensburg, Manager at the Forest Hall Private Nature Reserve near the Crags, Plettenberg Bay, decided that, for reasons of safety and erosion control, the roads on the reserve needed urgent upgrading:
In total 8 km of road were upgraded in 9 months with the Terracrete hard lawn blocks: The products worked perfectly for us. The blocks could be laid by hand and not much of the surrounding forest was disturbed by the construction process. The road has been performing very well, even coping with an eight ton concrete truck. Steep sections of the road that were previously only accessible to heavy duty 4×4 vehicles can now be negotiated with normal passenger cars.
Simon Knutton of Knutton Consulting on specifiying Terraforce L16 blocks and Terraforce 4×4 Multi Step blocks for 3 clover leaf interchanges in Qatar:
Due to the four loops at each interchange being different the Client requested that each interchange design be unique.  The challenge was to be creative, functional (for maintenance), keep aesthetic appeal and to maintain the structural integrity required.  This kind of variation could not have been achieved with the precast walls originally proposed. As a result, the walls showcase the remarkable design flexibility that is possible with a Terraforce block, by alternating between a flush, round or rock face finish, varied setbacks for a featuresque appearance, integrated steps and good plant cover.
Robin Barnes, Architect with JHP Architects and Town Planners on using the Terraforce 4×4 Multi Step blocks for and Terraforce L11 blocks for installing seating arenas:
We decided to use the 4×4 Step Block system as it gave us flexibility in the radius we required and the ease in construction that it provides. The blocks fit together nicely and provide the correct anthropometric sizes for seating and staircases. Ultimately the client was provided a facility that could be used for weddings, musicals and seminars, whilst still maintaining a cosy and intimate atmosphere within the amphitheatre, with the mountains as a backdrop. The project is a definite success; it not only works acoustically, but is aesthetically pleasing as well.
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