Awards 2004

Terraforce comes out tops at the 2004 CMA Awards

At the gala banquet ceremony for the bi-annual CMA Awards for Excellence, held at the Theatre on the Track, Kyalami, Gauteng on October 9, Terraforce once again dominated in the segmented concrete retaining block category, taking home all six awards allocated to this genre.

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Recieving the Award in 2004

Recieving the award in 2004

Out of 13 submissions in the retaining wall elements category, eight were from Terraforce and four of these won all the awards allocated to the category, firmly cementing Terraforce’s position as a market leader in this field. Mr. Holger Rust, owner and director of Terraforce, is adamant in passing his thanks on to those who have helped him to build up a successful and thriving business over the past years:

“our success is largely due to a well-oiled team effort and we thank our licensees and recommended contractors for their creative and dedicated input and continued support.”

National Awards

Two national CMA awards – only conferred if the judges feel the entries meet the standards worthy of such an award – were presented to projects utilising Terraforce blocks, of which the most striking is a large installation on the Dimension Data Campus in Gauteng. Here 38 000 L18 blocks with a rock-face finish were used to create a terraced application to accommodate spectator seating and vertical walls.

National Award winner 2004 Dimension Data Campus

National Award winner 2004

National Award winner 2004

Dimension Data Campus in Gauteng

Judges commented on the “good engineering and overgrowth, as well as good variety and combination of materials that blend in well with the architecture.”

The other national award went to a Terraforce retaining wall – installed by Decorton – that impressed for its creative use of L11 and 4×4 blocks to provide a solution for a difficult architectural task: providing level space for a tennis court, swimming pool, forecourt and garden space around this new residence on a steeply sloping site.

National Award - Hindhope

Providing level space for a tennis court

Vintage Category - Lisbeek River

Ten year old retaining wall

The end product revealed an aesthetically pleasing, superbly planted and functional retaining wall that impressed the judges with its “good integration of design elements and levels, as well as use of different blocks and excellent plant coverage.”

The award-winning project in the vintage category showcases a retaining wall around the Liesbeek Trail – built ten years ago – which is now completely invisible to the naked eye. The environment looks untouched, erosion has been curbed and visitors can enjoy the natural beauty of the surrounding once more.

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