Awards 1998

CMA Awards 1998

Retaining walls occupy the minds of architects, landscape architects and engineers, and these days it is expected that these walls should be aesthetically pleasing, environmentally sound and functional.

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Concrete Manufacturers Awards 1998

Terraforce wins the Bayer Trophy

Although they are probably the least noticed aspect of a major construction project they can make or break a development!

The biennial competition, facilitated by the South African Concrete Manufacturers Association (C.M.A.) seeks to recognise innovative use and design of concrete products.

Judges’ comments:
This is how concrete retaining blocks should be used to optimum effect. Cleverly handling a difficult site in an aesthetically pleasing fashion. Robust engineering turned into an organic, delightful landscape. When the planting matures, the result will resemble plant-covered historic ruins. A delightful blend of form and space. Excellent aesthetics.

1998 CMA Award Winner in the Retaining Wall Category

1998 CMA Award winner

Goood Plant Cover soften the Wall

Good plant cover softens the wall









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