The company was founded by Holger Rust in Cape Town in early 1979
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Cape Retaining System recieving a CMA Awards Trophy

Initially an importer and distributor of wiremesh gabions from Spain, Terraforce became involved in the construction of gabion retaining walls and erosion control measures in 1981. This led to the realisation that in many instances gabions are not cost-effective or practical.

After considering various alternative methods that were known at the time, it was decided to design a more versatile one block system. During 1984 the first Terraforce S blocks (50kg each) were produced on a small home-built “egg layer” block machine.

In 1986 daily production reached 400 blocks for “major” orders received. Today, combined Terraforce block sales equalling over 6000m2 per month are achieved in Cape Town alone, and millions of square meters of wall area have been sold worldwide.

Expanding – locally and abroad

The local market readily accepted the product and first license agreements were signed during 1986. A few years later the product was well established in South Africa, with nine licensees producing in all major centres. By this time the product range had been extended to cover light and heavy earth-retaining blocks, an accessory block for stairs/seating, and erosion control or grass blocks.

Worldwide, Terraforce blocks are now available in Canada, the U.S.A., Brazil, Australia, India, Europe and the United Arab Emirates. Negotiations are underway with potential new licensees in Europe and some Asian Countries.

Concrete Manufacturers Association (CMA) of South Africa – awards

In 1998, 2000 and 2002, Terraforce managed to secure the Premier Award in the earth-retaining category and in 2004 Terraforce won all the awards allocated to the retaining wall elements category. In 2006 and 2008 Terraforce again won the Premier Award. In 2010 a National Award and two Regional Awards were won. In 2012 Terraforce was awarded a trophy for the “most sustainable project”.

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