The company was founded by Holger Rust in Cape Town in early 1979
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Cape Retaining System recieving a CMA Awards Trophy

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It takes certain kind foresight and insight to grab hold of a promising idea, and it takes even more courage and perseverance to take this idea to its deserved heights.  And that is precisely what Holger Rust, founder and director of Cape Town based company Terraforce, managed to achieve over the past 38 years.

Company  motto

Terraforce designed the original interlocking and reversible hollow core earth retaining blocks almost 40 years ago. They are incredibly versatile, but the most significant aspect of the blocks is that, by being fully permeable, reversible and plantable, they offer a sustainable solution to anyone who needs to consider landscaping or erosion control on site, as an alternative to impermeable (and often unsightly) solid concrete methods.

Not only has this been part of our marketing approach from the beginning, but it goes beyond strategy. Holger Rust, Terraforce founder/MD, has always been passionate about sustainable living and green products and it is this passion that steered him into the direction of creating a product that allows a concrete retaining wall to blend into the surrounding, be it for environmental or aesthetic considerations, often forgotten aspects of maintaining a native balance in urban or rural environments.

The company’s motto is “go green, go clean”, wherever you can.  In life and in business, it is the only truly sustainable option for our planets’ future.

Great ideas start “big”

In 1979 Terraforce began importing wire mesh gabions from Spain, later becoming involved in the construction of gabion retaining walls and erosion control measures.  And it is during this time that inspiration struck, and Rust realised that a more cost-effective and practical method of earth retaining was needed in South Africa. After the first Terraforce S blocks (then still weighing in at 50kg) where produced on a small home built “egg layer” block machine, Terraforce has never looked back. 

In 1984, when the first license agreements were signed, daily production reached 400 blocks and eventually combined Terraforce block sales, equalling over 6000sq.m per month, were achieved in Cape Town alone.

Terraforce continued to expand and mature, as Mr Rust strove to implement his strategy to up-date and improve feasibility/case studies, evaluation reports and design software frequently, as well as expanding the Terraforce product range to include lighter retaining blocks, an accessory block for stairs or seating and two erosion control or hard lawn paving blocks. 

Where to buy Terraforce blocks World Wide

By the 1990s Terraforce blocks were well established in South Africa, with 9 licensees producing in all major centres. Today Terraforce blocks are available in Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Spain, United Arab Emirates, India, Swaziland, Namibia, Lesotho, Algeria, Morocco and recently Brazil, Botswana and Egypt, while block sales now reach into the millions.

Company successes

And it’s not just sales figures that tell a story of success. Terraforce installations have managed to secure numerous awards for the company in the last few years, most notably the coveted Bayer Trophy that is awarded biannually to top class projects in the construction industry by the CMA (Concrete Manufacturers Association) Awards for Excellence. In the category Concrete Retaining Walls, Terraforce was awarded the premier trophy no less than 6 times.

The company continues to develop customer satisfaction and reputation of service integrity. In 2004 a network of recommended installers and contractors was initiated, who undertake to guarantee their workmanship. In 2011 Terrasafe was founded, a professional design service for Terraforce retaining walls, and currently Maxiwall, a design software for Terraforce products is in the process of being upgraded. They have all proven to be successful and are contributing to the sound foundation on which the company rests.

This dedication to multi-functionality and sustainable development is part of the reason that Terraforce has been recognised and grown so much locally and overseas. Rust is satisfied with his decision of pursuing a sustainable business model, through extensive, and sometimes expensive, product testing and research in laboratories, here and overseas:

“I was warned that making too much information freely available on our web site would encourage the reverse engineers, the free riders of our times to jump on the band wagon. This has happened to some extent, with even a leading corporate citizen among the suspects, but overall, their activities are not long lasting and have not been able to hamper our sustained growth, even in the current recession.

For me that was the most rewarding confirmation, that a combination of innovation, quality and commitment, are the most powerful driver of a long-lasting business.”

Product range

Product range Terraforce Retaining Walls

At present the product range includes rock face and smooth face blocks in 8 sizes (adapted to the various machine types used to make the blocks), as well as the 4×4 Multi Step block used for creating affordable seating and stairs, the Terrafix and Terracrete blocks for permeable paving and hard lawn applications and lastly the Terralite block for smaller landscaping applications.

Contact Terraforce

For more information on the products email karin on [email protected]

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