4/2018 – New, state-of-the-art design software for Terraforce

Going forward with integrity and passion!

As we approach our 40th year in business, we at Terraforce look back on a solid track record, while being acutely aware of the need to provide dependable, sustainable and lasting solutions. Not only for our own people, but our partners and customers, depend on it as well.

We understand that the good reputation of any industry or business sector can be threatened by the activities of free-loaders and copy-cats that invariably rear their head from time to time. They generally come and go, but not without leaving their foul-smelling mark, as many disappointed customers will confirm.

free-loaders and copy-cats are bad for the industry

New Maxiwall design software

This is one of the reasons why we have recently decided to invest heavily into a state-of-the-art design software, Maxiwall, as well as a CPD (Continuing Professional Development)  training course to cover gravity and composite CRB (concrete retaining block) walls.

Composite, heavy duty Terraforce retaining walls, designed by Terrasafe design service

Composite, heavy duty Terraforce retaining walls, designed by Terrasafe design service

The Terraforce SRW (Segmental Retaining Walls) Software package, Maxiwall, is a private labelled version of the most comprehensive and widely used SRW Design software in the industry, the Vespa MSE Design Suite.

With almost a decade in use, Designers can be confident the Terraforce SRW software package will produce accurate and detailed results for projects large and small.

Maxiwall has been customized and configured to allow Designers to easily produce complete Wall Designs utilizing the award winning Terraforce line of SRW products. With all Block and Geogrid information preloaded, Designers can select from a wide range of proven Terraforce systems from easy to navigate drop down menus.

Compared to other MSE Design Software options, Terraforce SRW increases design efficiency, improves accuracy, and promotes a seamless flow of information between design stages and parties. Terraforce SRW generates full wall layouts with accurate quantity estimates and comprehensive reports.

Safe wall with Maxiwall software and Terrasafe design service

Safe wall with Maxiwall software and Terrasafe design service

26m high Terraforce wall design with the help of Terrasafe design service

26m high Terraforce wall design with the help of Terrasafe design service

The Calculation Engine can simultaneously run Static, Seismic, and ICS Analysis in accordance to NCMA, AASHTO (LRFD), AU (Australian Standard), and British Standard Design Methodologies.

Stair case and retaining walls, designed by Terrasafe design service

Stairs retaining walls, designed by Terrasafe

The Terraforce package is built around the understanding that the goal of the Design Engineer is to produce a set of clear, comprehensive construction drawings. With the DXF output feature, CAD cross sections and elevation views are automatically generated and ready to import into AutoCAD.

Users of the Maxiwall package will also have an option to purchase a copy of the AWall CAD Tool, that allows the user to accurately represent the plan and elevation views of a retaining wall on their grading plan.

AWall takes into account the variable heights along the length of wall, wall batter (inclination), and wall width to generate a plan view, representing the “real” footprint of the wall. Can create elevations and generate quantities.

Once the Design is complete, Terraforce SRW also allows you to export the wall geometry, soil conditions, and loading conditions to select Global Stability software programs.

The Terraforce SRW Software is a professional analysis tool and should be operated by Designers and Engineers that are familiar with the Design Methodologies and well versed in the design of SRW Structures.

Simple, easy to follow Design Tutorials will be provided. These cover the generic version of Vespa MSE Design Software but generally apply to Terraforce SRW.  Launch date for Maxiwall is estimated for mid-2018.

Terrasafe logoTogether with Terrasafe, Terraforce’s professional design service, that was established a few years ago, wall designers now have comprehensive support to build Terraforce retaining walls that will look good and most importantly, stand the test of time.