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TERRAFORCE is an award-winning Cape Town-based retaining wall innovator

In 1979 TERRAFORCE designed a unique interlocking concrete retaining wall system that is now manufactured exclusively by local and international specialist concrete precast companies that partnered with TERRAFORCE over the past four decades.

Today, Terraforce has managed to establish flourishing production in Canada, Australia, Spain, India, Morocco, Nigeria, Swaziland, Lesotho, Ghana, United Kingdom, Namibia and United Arab Emirates, with Egypt recently signing on.

Terraforce: A South African legacy, now female owned


Read more here: 3/2024 - Terraforce: A South African legacy, now female owned

In 1979, Terraforce® pioneered a versatile range of hollow, reversible interlocking retaining wall blocks, designed to build environmentally friendly, professional retaining wall systems that:

  • provide soil erosion control by preventing soil movement,
  • protect against flooding by directing water flow away from buildings,
  • add extra outdoor space in sloping or terraced properties,
  • improve aesthetic appeal when established as a functional yet attractive garden backdrop.
  • Retaining wall blocks can be used to build stairways or patios, helping to increase accessibility to entrances and outdoor areas.

Terraforce® professional retaining wall systems vary in use from light gravity domestic concrete retaining walls to industrial geogrid reinforced earth-retaining or heavy gravity, double skin retaining walls.


Most Terraforce® Licensed Manufacturers use recycled concrete and clay bricks in the manufacture of Terraforce® stackable retaining blocks. Breakages during manufacture are also reused in production.


Terraforce® stackable, no-mortar retaining wall blocks adhere to local and international standards, having undergone extensive laboratory testing in South Africa, Europe, Canada, the USA and Australia – based on SANS 207, BS 8006 and ASTM-D6916-18 – by professional accreditation agencies over the last four decades. Terraforce® is a member of the Concrete Manufacturers Association (CMA) and a Level Four BBBEE Contributor.

Our Products

Important note on product selection:

Terraforce licensed munufacturers stock their own selection/sizes of Terraforce precast concrete blocks, this means the full range of products IS NOT sold at every outlet.

Terraforce Design Guide & Book of Ideas

Terraforce book of ideas and design manual

Please register here to access the Book of Ideas and the two-part Terraforce Design Guide, “Section 1 Gravity Retaining Walls”, and “Section 2 Reinforced Soil Retaining Structures”, respectively. Should you have any questions contact us on

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Our Partners

Terraforce licensed manufacturers

Licensed Manufacturers

Experience the pinnacle of manufacturing excellence with TERRAFORCE. Our products are manufactured EXCLUSIVLY by Terraforce licensed manufacturers that are committed to producing quality Terraforce blocks according to stringent local and international standards, by undergoing extensive laboratory testing, during and after manufacturing.

In addition, TERRAFORCE licensed manufacturers must adhere to strict minimum specifications and weekly compressive strength tests, as well as weight - and dimension measurements must be concluded as part of the manufacture’s quality assurance programme.

Avoid purchasing a retaining wall product that is not manufactured to comply with minimum CRB block specifications and quality assurance and has not been extensively tested by the relevant institutions. Please also always ensure you are dealing with a genuine licensed Terraforce manufacturer.

Terraforce recommended contractors

Recommended Contractors

Finding a reliable and recommended contractor can be a crucial step in ensuring the success of your project.  Over the past four decades, Terraforce has forged relationships with select contractors specialising in retaining wall installation, so that you can choose a contractor who not only has the necessary expertise but also communicates well and makes you feel comfortable about your project.

Choosing a recommended contractor can provide you with the assurance that you are working with a trusted professional who is dedicated to delivering quality results. Their experience, professionalism, and commitment to customer satisfaction contribute to a positive and successful project experience.

Avoid settling for an installer that does not have any reliable experience in retaining wall installation, and rather find one closest to you through our Terraforce recommended contractor locator platform.

Become a Terraforce licensed manufacturer

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Terraforce operates on five continents with 29 manufactures around the world that have recognized and chosen Terraforce as an earth retaining system that offers design choices, unequaled by others. In return for a modest royalty they have access to substantial marketing and design information.

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If you need quick calculations for the initial stages of your site, please consult our Design table creator for single skin Terraforce interlocking retaining walls.

Use this interactive excel sheet to work out the design values – number of blocks, wall height and recommended set back – for most Terraforce mortarless block wall construction

Maxiwall Pro Terraforce design software

Maxiwall Pro Upgrade

We are happy to announce that Maxiwall Pro now includes important upgrades to ensure our users continue to optimize their workflow and remain in compliance with the most recent Design Standards.

  1. New AASHTO 2020 Simplified Design Methodology
  2. Plan View Import
  3. New Graphics interface

Client Testimonials

"Fantastically versatile product that offers structural strength, aesthetic arrangement and provides a plantable living feature wall. Peter was extremely helpful and responsive in his communication and both deliveries arrived on time."

- Natasha Mikula, UK

"Happy to show anyone local what can be achieved with your great product, I love the wall!” This wall is in Rock, Cornwall, and was lovingly planted with 4000 plants."

- Carol Barkwell, Devon, UK

"Glad to see its taking off in the UK. We got ours 10 years ago – first delivery in Dorset and we built our wall. The blocks made our garden look amazing and so easy to install too!"

- Diana Kenney, Wiltshire, UK

"My husband has created an amazing wall with your Terraforce blocks. We live on a slant and we have built a retaining wall and built up from the bottom of the slant to the house level and have created an amazing pool area with views out over the area. The Terraforce wall is a highlight!!! I have attached a couple of before pictures also. We basically have used the Terraforce wall to build up and pop the pool into. Thanks for such an awesome product!!!"

- Simone Elwell, Perth, Australia

"Just last weekend we built some stairs in the wall with the blocks as we love it so much – it looks good (even though the blocks you guys use for stairs are rectangular and these are curved)…we plan to glue the caps for safety…It’s not completely done but nearly there — we now have the pool in and the 1 metre wall is doing well – we LOVE LOVE LOVE Terraforce!!!!"

- Katherine James, Perth, Australia

"Terraforce is a fantastic product. The longevity of the blocks is phenomenal and highly recommended as a solution to all applicable retaining requirements. Been using your product for many many years and very impressed."

- Kevin Bailey, Cape Town, South Africa

"Though I’ve never enjoyed trampolines in a landscape, you’ve done well. Particularly noteworthy is the open stem wall top. Though I’ve terraced with many materials, this is as a concrete block turned on its side: supportive, reinforces water conservation and slows spillage. For someone at the bottom of a hill, water distribution both retention and redistribution is important. Great job!"

- Brenda Miller of Florida

"The rock face blocks blend with the natural environment, their sandstone colour matching the surrounding soil. They are plantable and permeable, allowing the landscapers free reign."

- Hannes Bouwer of Bouwer Architects

"It is a very well known product, and we liked that the system is a design and supply item."

- Karien Visser, engineer with KLS Consulting Engineers

"Terraforce offers a user-friendly landscape remodelling method that is flexible, cost-effective and faster to install than off shutter concrete or bricks. The entire job can be done on site and the blocks fit in just about anywhere."

- Tobie Cilliers from Strata Civils

"I am thrilled with the ease of installation. All that is required is a level piece of ground with a matching diameter.” Packing the versatile blocks on a circle marked out around a central foundation hole is a breeze, although requiring some basic construction skills."

- Rudolf Eksteen of Moorreesburg

"Due to the four loops at each interchange being different the Client requested that each interchange design be unique. The challenge was to be creative, functional (for maintenance), keep aesthetic appeal and to maintain the structural integrity required. This kind of variation could not have been achieved with the precast walls originally proposed. As a result, the walls showcase the remarkable design flexibility that is possible with a Terraforce block, by alternating between a flush, round or rock face finish, varied setbacks for a featuresque appearance, integrated steps and good plant cover."

- Simon Knutton of Knutton Consulting