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Follow us on FacebookDeranco has been manufacturing precast concrete products in Port Elizabeth since 1985 and is a member of the Concrete Manufacturers Association. An Eastern Cape licensee for Terraforce.
Contact Tel: +27 41 933 2755Email: [email protected]

DERANCO BLOCKS manufacture concrete masonry products that are well known for their Strength, Durability, Fire Resistance, Thermal Insulation and Sound Absorption. Modular dimensioning makes for ease of design and construction, bringing welcome economies in construction costs.

This wall was designed with several terraces to accommodate a small golf green, outdoor backyard patio, children’s trampoline and sandpit.

This wall was designed with several terraces to accommodate a small golf green, outdoor backyard patio, children’s trampoline and sandpit.

Deranco Blocks supplies and installs the following Terraforce products:
S standard block

Terraforce Retaining Block S Standard (smooth) ®

Optional vertical interlock allowing for seamless variations of wall inclination (90-35 degrees). Eliminate the use of geogrids in many cases. Convex and concave corners and curves of small radius allow complex designs to suit most site conditions. Cuts evaporation, improves drainage, allows for effective backfill compaction. Plant growth deters graffiti. more
L18 standard Terraforce b

Terraforce Retaining Block L15  Standard (or rock face) ®

Terraforce blocks lend themselves, among many other applications, to creating beautiful terraced gardens, heavy duty retaining and erosion control, for storm water, river bank and sea shore protection. more

4x4 Multi Step block

Terraforce 4×4 Multi Step block ®

Light, versatile concrete unit, generally used for constructing low terrace walls, stairs and seating arrangements.

Popular not only for stairway access, but also to provide comfortable, practical stair and seating arrangements at leisure amenities and school sports facilities. more

Terrafix erosion control block

Terrafix Erosion Control block ®

Interlocking environmentally acceptable element made of high strength concrete. It was specifically designed to provide a flexible lining where cost-effective protection against wind and water erosion is required. Terrafix blocks are available in three different thicknesses and can be laid in a variety of configurations to suit most site conditions. more

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Contact Deranco Blocks for inquiries:
  Contact person:Theresa Baker
  Tel:+27 41 933 2755
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  Email:t[email protected]
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