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5/2017 – Getting “Green” with Terraforce

May this year, Elgin Rust, our in-house media producer, travelled to Dubai to visit Consent, Terraforce’s licensee in the United Arab Emirates. Consent is proud to be part of the Terraforce community since 2005 and have since been involved in … Continue reading

8/2005 – Noise and blast barriers to the rescue

Engineer: Fred Laker of ICOS. Contractor: Decorton Retaining. These two noise and blast barriers installations were constructed by Decorton Retaining. Both have Terraforce gravity walls at a steep angle facing the buildings to be protected, backed with an earth berm, … Continue reading

5/2013 – Growing vintage walls into the future

Extending long-standing retaining walls A successful product is one that gets used more than once, having satisfied the expectation of the client. Below is a showcase of two projects that used the same local retaining block to extend long-standing retaining … Continue reading