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TERRAFORCE is a well-known and award-winning Cape Town-based company that offers interlocking concrete blocks (earth-retaining blocks) for environmental landscaping and concrete retaining walls. Terraforce is a Level Four BBBEE Contributor.

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Please note: Suppliers stock their own selection/sizes of Terraforce products, this means the full range of products IS NOT sold at every outlet.

Terraforce pioneered the hollow, reversible interlocking concrete block that is unmatched in its versatility, both in application and elevation.

Most Terraforce Licensees use recycled concrete and clay bricks in the manufacture of Terraforce products.

The wide range of plantable retaining wall blocks is tailored to create environmentally friendly domestic or industrial installations and to support sustainable development in soil stabilisation. Walls can range from light gravity walls to geogrid reinforced earth-retaining or heavy gravity, double skin walls.

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Watch this great “how to” video about Terraforce:
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Latest News

June 9th, 2014  |  Published in - General News, - Landscaping & Terracing

The walls create a pleasant green belt around the building

October 2011 Murray & Roberts Western Cape, an operating division of Murray & Roberts Construction, was awarded a R193-million contract to construct the R300-million Willowbridge Place office development. The new development is located on the corner of Old Oak Road and Carl Cronje Drive, Tyger Valley in the northern suburbs of Cape Town. Read more »

button print whgn20 6/2014   Getting a grip with the new Decorwall block

May 12th, 2014  |  Published in - General News  |  2 Comments

View from Olivia nature reserve
This article first appeared in Footprint Limited, Jan/Feb edition, 2014

Holger Rust, founder of Terraforce, licensor of permeable and plantable concrete blocks for erosion control and earth retaining, has long been motivated by the conviction that every person who has the capacity, should strive to improve his environment, not destroy it. He has adopted this message from his father, Martin Rust, who was a guiding example in this regard. Read more »

button print whgn20 5/2014   Living a green life, at work AND home

April 23rd, 2014  |  Published in - Roads, Driveway & Parking, Infrastructure  |  2 Comments

Permanent, yet flexible jeep tracks

Subtle but durable: new access tracks for Geelkrans Nature Reserve

The client, Cape Nature was looking for a permanent, yet flexible solution for jeep tracks on deep sandy substrates at Geelkrans Nature Reserve, Stillbaai, without the associated footprint impacts of commonly used hard structures such as asphalt or paving.

Read more »

button print whgn20 4/2014   Need eco friendly 4x4 tracks? Heres how:

March 12th, 2014  |  Published in - Landscaping & Terracing, Gravity Retaining

The site before the retaining wall was installed

Lonavala is a beautiful town and hill station in the Pune district of the Indian state of Maharashtra.  Close to Bombay, many wealthy locals from there build their holiday homes in the lush green hills of the area. The terrain is rocky and steep, ideal for the application of Terraforce retaining walls, made in Mumbai by official Terraforce suppliers in India. The owner of a new holiday home in the region liked the rustic look of the Terraforce L15 IT blocks and gave the go-ahead to the landscape architects, Retiwala & Associates to use the system to stabilise cut slopes behind the house. 

Read more »

button print whgn20 3/2014   Hillside Earth Retaining: Terraforce in India

February 11th, 2014  |  Published in - Roads, Driveway & Parking, Infrastructure

Terraforce retaining wall and vegetation

The concept of fibre-reinforced soil and stackable blocks is not a new one, and can be traced back to the ancient Megalitian cultures that lived in Europe, the Middle East, Central America and Asia.  Initially, about 12,000 years ago, large, stacked boulders were used, until willow or bamboo baskets filled with rocks were discovered to achieve the same result.

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button print whgn20 2/2014   Sustainable infrastructure with retaining walls

January 6th, 2014  |  Published in - General News

Beautifully landscaped retaining wall in Istanbul

Eko Yapi, founded in Istanbul, is the official Terraforce block manufacturer and supplier in Turkey. They, together with Geoduvar, a specialty contractor of concrete products, have always been a steady performer, providing the designs and applications for some impressive retaining walls using Terraforce blocks, which includes designing the highest Terraforce earth retaining wall in the company’s history, an impressive 20,5m wall stabilising cut and fill slopes for the Karlitepe Road Project in the Beykoz region of Istanbul.

Read more »

button print whgn20 1/2014   Terraforce in Turkey