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TERRAFORCE is a well-known and award-winning Cape Town-based company that offers interlocking concrete blocks (earth-retaining blocks) for environmentally friendly landscape retaining walls and erosion control. Is a member of the Concrete Manufacturers Association (CMA) and a Level Four BBBEE Contributor.

Design Tables for Terraforce blocks, for wall angles and heights possible:

S10L11L12L13L15L15ITL18L22Terralite4×4 Multi

Confirm availability of products with your local supplier.

Contact us for a copy of the I.C.B.O. Evaluation Report

S standard blockL 12 Terraforce block4x4 Multi Step blockTerracrete hard lawn paverTerrafix erosion control block

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>> Frequently asked questions: Terraforce Q&A

Terraforce pioneered the hollow, reversible interlocking concrete block that is unmatched in its versatility, both in application and elevation. Suitable for commercial and residential landscape retaining walls, small or large.

The wide range of plantable retaining wall blocks is tailored to create environmentally friendly domestic or industrial installations and to support sustainable development in soil stabilisation. Walls can range from light gravity retaining walls to geogrid reinforced earth-retaining or heavy gravity, double skin walls.

Most Terraforce Licensees use recycled concrete and clay bricks in the manufacture of Terraforce products. Please note: Terraforce suppliers stock their own selection/sizes of Terraforce concrete retaining wall blocks, this means the full range of products IS NOT sold at every outlet.

Watch: DIY Terraforce wall: a time-lapse video of a Terraforce garden wall installation
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Latest News

June 19th, 2018  | Published in- Composite Walls, Heavy Retaining

Cross contour cuttings to accommodate conveyor belt racks necessitated sloped retaining structures to protect the facings on both sides.

Retaining walls have been used extensively in the mining industry in applications such as retaining structures at the interface between the coal bunkers and conveyor belts to retain differences in ground levels. Read more »

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May 22nd, 2018  | Published in- Installation Guidelines, - Landscaping & Terracing

Sinan Awad on site at Blue Waters

At Terraforce, we cannot stress enough the importance of a correctly installed Terraforce retaining wall: an improperly built retaining wall may bulge, crack or lean, creating an eyesore and a headache for you. Read more »

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April 13th, 2018  | Published in- Designs & Specifications, - Installation Guidelines

Safe wall with Maxiwall and Terrasafe

Going forward with integrity and passion!

As we approach our 40th year in business, we at Terraforce look back on a solid track record, while being acutely aware of the need to provide dependable, sustainable and lasting solutions. Not only for our own people, but our partners and customers, depend on it as well.

Read more »
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March 20th, 2018  | Published in- Planting & Irrigation, - Storm Water Control

Planting 2018, during drought

While the most critical contributor to the success of any segmental retaining wall (SRW) will always remain detailed planning and competent workmanship, planting will transform a functional structure into an eco-friendly environment that can create a dazzling display of colour, scent and texture. Add to that the possibility of drought and water restrictions, it is obvious that planting a retaining wall should not be taken lightly. Read more »

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February 20th, 2018  | Published in- Storm Water Control

Terracrete eco-surfaces help drain and filter water at Langrug informal settlement, Franschhoek

Solving problems – Terracrete eco-surfaces help drain and filter water at Langrug informal settlement, Franschhoek

In an interview with Future Cape Town in June 2016, Shannon Royden Turner, director at Actuality states: “We’re stuck in a paradigm of not even realising we’re part of nature”. And she is right. Read more »

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January 22nd, 2018  | Published in- General News, - Landscaping & Terracing

Large retaining wall to stabilize existing eroded embankments in the interest of public safety

Welcome to 2018 and hoping that all of you had a peaceful festive season! Looking back on the past twelve months, we are very happy with the quality and scope of projects completed – our best of 2017. Some amazing work by our recommended contractors and Terraforce licensees, without you this would not be possible. Read more »

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